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Some of the objectives of implementing M-Governance in Government are as follows:
  • To enable various channels like SMS, USSD, IVR, Smart Client, STK, Mobile Web.
  • To enable various telecom operators where the connectivity can be enabled only through the Telco (ex. USSD).
  • To enable various payment instruments like credit cards, Bank Accounts via NPCI, prepaid card, mobile wallet, operator billing.
  • To mobile enable Bangalore One, Nemmadi, Karnataka One centres to provide mobile services.
  • To have necessary connectivity and bandwidth for the departments to enable / plug-in their services in a seamless manner.
  • To facilitate the inter-operability across channels, payment instruments and departments to take maximum benefit of the platform.
  • To leverage State Data Center for hosting mobile applications and servers.
  • To enable Mobile framework for various G2C, G2G, G2E, G2B services.
  • To implement Consistent & Optimal Business Model so that the Departments do not have burden themselves with the development and implementation of M-Governance.


The vision is to provide the services to people in both Urban and Rural Karnataka by utilizing the reach of mobile connectivity and the power of mobile device to develop/on-board applications and deliver services for inclusive development of the State of Karnataka.


The mission is to transform delivery of public services, foster innovation, promote entrepreneurial culture, provide a self-sustaining platform for multi-channel and ubiquitous access to government as well as value added services to the people in Karnataka.

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