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About Prosecution Department

Based on the recommendations made in the 14th Report of the prosecution Commission, the Government of Karnataka ventured for the establishment of a separate and independent Director of Prosecutions for the effective conduct of Prosecution in heinous cases, and in all criminal cases and civil cases in subordinate courts on behalf of Government. The main object in constituting Independent Directorate of Prosecutions to find out whether the materials collected during the course of investigation are sufficient to make an accused stand trial in the court of a Magistrates and Sessions Judges, to adduce evidence and to submit effective arguments to bring book real culprits.

 The Government of Karnataka in their order No. prosecution 114 LAG 72 dated: 30.12.72, directed the Constitution of a Directorate of Prosecutions, keeping in view the recommendations of prosecution Commission Report and again in G.O. No. prosecution 15 PPE 73, DATED: 20.3.73, laid down the organizational set up and the main functions of Directorate of Prosecutions.

  The Government of Karnataka in its G.O.No. DCA 7 ARB 2004, dated: 22.09.2004 entrusted the administrative control of the Director of Prosecutions from prosecution Department to Home Department.

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