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​​Introduction ​


Karnataka State Web portal project is aimed to be a one stop information hub of all Govt. Departments. It facilitates the Government Departments to host their web site in this common platform with an access to update them periodically. The State Portal is an integrated solution that includes individual web sites of different departments and external public facing sites to provide necessary services to the citizens and external agencies.


Our current Karnataka State Web Portal is hosted along with 85 website of various departments with an approximate of 5000 web pages. It is deployed in the year 2007.

The current infrastructure at Old State Data Centre is

  1. Server Application : Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 (32bit)
  2. Database Server : SQL Server 2005
  3. Operating System : Windows Server 2003
  4. Hard Disk Space : 40GB
  5. RAM : 4GB


Currently Department websites are updated by CEG-Inhouse by receiving contents in the form of word document as a mail attachment from the respective department. And the same will be modified in the form of web pages and upload/update it to the respective department website.


At present GOK has its own new setup (Karnataka State Data Centre) in Vikasa Soudha with a latest advanced software and hardware environment along with Virtual Private Network Connection facility to the servers. Hence GOK has planned to migrate Karnataka Web Portal from old SDC to this new SDC in order to provide server access to all departments to update their website online. But our existing server application is not compatible to deploy it on the latest software and hardware environment available in the new State Data Centre.


Additionally, we need to create more new websites for Karnataka State Government Departments for their Secretariats, Directorates, Boards, Corporations, Organisations, Judiciary Committee, Districts, taluks etc., and for these each and every new website, we need to allocate new Web Server with storage space and Database Server along with an individual Public IP (license required) pointing with a separate Domain Name (under.gov.in) for public access through Internet.


To overcome these entire factor, GOK has decided to upgrade it to the latest version of SharePointServer2013 in which we can create a maximum number of website (subsites) under Karnataka web portal and provide user access to each department website through secured Active Directory privileges in order to update their department website. This also avoids creating multiple (web and DB) Servers, Public IP, Domain Name and VPN Connectivity to client side (department users).


This enable all Government of Karnataka Departments users to access their department website and update remotely.


Therefore, GOK propose to process the following

  1. 2 Server  licenses of SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Client Access Edition with the access for 100 Department Users
  2. 2 Server Licenses of Windows Server 2012
  3. 1 Server Licenses of SQL Server 2012 or later version
  4. 1 Server License of SharePoint Designer 2013
  5. 1 Server License of  Office InfoPath 2013
  6. 2 licenses of Windows External Connector

About Prosecution Department

Based on the recommendations made in the 14th Report of the prosecution Commission, the Government of Karnataka ventured for the establishment of a separate and independent Director of Prosecutions for the effective conduct of Prosecution in heinous cases, and in all criminal cases and civil cases in subordinate courts on behalf of Government. The main object in constituting Independent Directorate of Prosecutions to find out whether the materials collected during the course of investigation are sufficient to make an accused stand trial in the court of a Magistrates and Sessions Judges, to adduce evidence and to submit effective arguments to bring book real culprits.

The Government of Karnataka in their order No. prosecution 114 LAG 72 dated: 30.12.72, directed the Constitution of a Directorate of Prosecutions, keeping in view the recommendations of prosecution Commission Report and again in G.O. No. prosecution 15 PPE 73, DATED: 20.3.73, laid down the organizational set up and the main functions of Directorate of Prosecutions.

The Government of Karnataka in its G.O.No. DCA 7 ARB 2004, dated: 22.09.2004 entrusted the administrative control of the Director of Prosecutions from prosecution Department to Home Department.

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