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AUA/KUA Onboarding Process

Management Activities

  1. Identify Nodal Person
  2. Ensure Nodal Person understands the roles and responsibilities
  3. Share all sample documents for easier reference.
  4. Request ASA for Service
  5. Verify the Request Form submitted by Department
  6. AUA Application completion with Supporting Documents
  7. Online Application
  8. Procurement of Stamp Paper
  9. Addendum Signature with UIDAI
  10. Approval for Pre-Production Access
  11. Internal Audit - Vendor Indent.
  12. AUA Audit Compliance Check List
  13. AUA Go Live Check List
  14. Verify and Approval for Go-Live
  15. Go Live Readiness Notification


  1. Identifying Technical Manpower
  2. Procurement of Digital Signature
  3. Procurement of Hardware
  4. Procurement of Software
  5. Procurement of Sample Devices
  6. License Key Generation for Pre-Production
  7. Department to share or upload the Encryption Key

Technical Readiness

  1. Sharing AUA/KUA/BFD/MUC Sample Codes
  2. Walk through of codes shared - Java /C#
  3. Identify Design of UDC Code.
  4. Buffered Authentication – Feature
  5. Biometric Device Integration and adding SDK of all devices
  6. Capture in FMR Format
  7. IRIS Integration and adding SDK of all devices
  8. Capture in IIR Format
  9. Generate PID Block Entities
  10. Encryption of PID Block
  11. Generate Auth XML
  12. Signing of Auth XML
  13. Capture Auth XML Response
  14. Testing Auth Requests
  15. Generate E-KYC XML
  16. Decrypt the Responses
  17. Capturing the logs of all responses
  18. Capturing all audit logs
  19. Identifying Integration points for department specific work flow
  20. Deployment of KSA
  21. Support Pre-Production Testing and Production Readiness
  22. Performance Testing
  23. Go-live

Hardware to be provisioned by AUA

Requirement Details
Bandwidth Roughly about 5K average bandwidth is required for each API call.  AUA's can start with 1 MBPS managing 28 TPS.
Network Equipments Necessary equipments for connecting AUA's and ASA's

One Dual quad-core blade/rack servers with 64 GB RAM) with cluster setup having two or more nodes OR

At least 2 servers (dual quad-core blade/rack servers with 32 GB RAM recommended)

HSM Box For protecting digital signature and handling large volume of digital signing.
Firewall server Securing network from AUA to ASA, if any SubAUA then also for Sub AUA to AUA
Other Applications Like Network Intruder detections, Anti Virus,
Audit Logs Atleast two databases for Audit Logs with atleast 160 GB for 6 months records with approximately 10 lakhs transactions per day.


Software to be provisioned by AUA is listed below:

  1. Server class Operating System for all machines deployed.
  2. Class II-III Digital Signature.
  3. AUA server software as described in the AUA Server Architecture section
  4. Firewall software –AUAs can choose to use existing firewalls within their IT system for this purpose.
  5. Database software (if auditing is database based) – if auditing is done in an RDBMS, then database software is required.
  6. Monitoring software to effectively monitor production system. Any enterprise monitoring software (EMS) could be used. AUAs can choose a commercial/open-source tool based on their preference or use an existing one that may be already in place within AUA IT system.
  7. Other related software tools for managing network devices, servers, and database, backup, replication, reporting tools for MIS purposes, integration to billing software for AUAs to bill Sub AUAs/device vendors.

Manpower to be provisioned by an AUA

  1. Network administrators
  2. System administrators
  3. Database administrators
  4. Backup administrators
  5. Security administrators
  6. L1/L2/L3 support team
  7. Operations and Project Management team  OR
  8. Senior Programmer.

Role of departments

  1. Identify the services where authentication is required and issue a notification (as per the requirement of UIDAI )
  2. Will have to register with UIDAI as a requesting entity
  3. Ensure the infrastructure readiness like procurement of single finger authentication devices (STQC certified)
  4. Development of application and integration of Aadhaar related authentication as part of application flow

Role Of CeG

  1. Assist the department to become the requesting entity (AUA/ KUA). Guide the departments through the entire process of registering with UIDAI and signing an agreement to become the requesting entity
  2. Provide the ASA/ KSA services to the department.
  3. Assistance in the training and certification process of the operators
  4. Assistance for trouble shooting of errors during authentication transactions
  5. Providing the sample code both in Java and .Net/C# as per department requirement.
  6. Assistance by deploying the CeG technical staff to resolve any technical issues during integration by the dept. staff.
  7. Assistance by proactively providing forth coming steps as part of the onboarding process- selection of External Audit Agency, Digital Key.


Financial Requirements

AUA/ASA Device provider Requirements

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