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DigiLocker activities in CeG


  • CeGintends to provide DigiLocker services to the departments of the state for storage and sharing of documents.
  • Govt of India, DeitY issued a letter No., 3(11)/2015-EG II dated 5th May 2015towards opening of DigiLocker accounts for all MP's//MLAs/MLCs.
  • CeG has also set up camps in VidhanSoudha, M.S.Building to assist the MPs/MLAs etc in  creation of DigiLocker Accounts
  • In continuation to the above letter, another communication from DDG& SIC, NIC Bangalore dated 17th June 2015 was addressed to the CeG towards set up of DigiLocker accounts and also of the assistance to be provided from NIC for the same.
  • CeG has conducted a workshop for all the departments of the state on 30th July 2015. The workshop briefed the participants about the various Aadhaar related services provided by CeG along with the Digilocker and eSign services.
  • CeG participated in a VC with NeGD team on 23rd November 2015and 9th December 2015 to understand the architecture of DigiLocker.
  • CeG has received a mail communication dated 21stDecember 2015 from DeitY that NIC is assigned to develop the DigiLocker on behalf of DeitY. Accordingly, CeG also had a discussion with the NIC team.
  • CeG has identified the following list of pilot departments for implementation of DigiLocker services:
    • BBMP
  • A meeting was held with Dept of Birth and Death on 11th March 2016. for Aadhaar incorporation in the birth certificate and also for provision of the birth certificate at DigiLocker.
  • CeG had discussions with BBMP, & Chief Registrar of Birth & Death. It was informed that the department uses different application for Birth and Death Registration the eJanma and RGI applications.
  • CeG has addressed a letter CEG/61/KRDH/2015 dated 18th June 2016 for implementation of Digilocker services to be used in Karnataka Public Services Commission (KPSC) during the application process of citizens towards notifications for KPSC examinations.
  • The current registration status of Karnataka is 67842 for 2016-17.
  • Estimated number of documents to be uploaded -2.4 Crore per year.
  • Estimated number of Legacy documents to be uploaded -25 Crores
  • KRDH is responsible for sensitizing and the departments about the DigiLocker and also coordinating for usage of DigiLocker by the departments.


Action Plan

  • The resources identified for coordination with the departments will also assist and follow up for the DigiLocker activities
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