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e-Sign– Online Digital Signing


eSign Electronic Signature Service is an innovative initiative for allowing easy, efficient, and secure signing of electronic documents by authenticating signer using Aadhaar eKYC services. With this service, any Aadhaar holder can digitally sign an electronic document without having to obtain a physical digital signature dongle. Application Service Providers can integrate this service within their application to offer Aadhaar holders a way to sign electronic forms and documents. The need to obtain Digital Signature Certificate through a printed-paper application form with ink signature and supporting documents will not be required. The Digital Signature Certificate issuance and applying of signature to electronic content is carried out in few seconds with eSign. Through the interface provided by the Application Service Provider (ASP), users can apply electronic signature on any electronic content by authenticating themselves through biometric or OTP using Trusted Third Party (TTP) Aadhaar eKYC services through eSign Service Provider. The interfaces are provided to users on a variety of devices such as computer, mobile phone etc. At the backend, eSign service provider facilitates key pair generation and Certifying Authority issues a Digital Signature Certificate. The eSign Service Provider facilitates creation of the Digital Signature of the user for the document, which will be applied to the document on acceptance, by the user.

An Application Service Provider (ASP) can integrate eSign online electronic signature service so that the users of that ASP will be able to use eSign. A physical paper form/document which is currently used to obtain digital signature certificate can be replaced by its electronic form and thereby facilitate electronic signature of the signer through eSign.

ASPs who can be potential users of eSign include Government agencies, Banks and Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions etc.

eSign online Electronic Signature Service can be effectively used in scenarios where signed documents are required to be submitted to service providers – Government, Public or Private sector. The agencies, which stand to benefit from offering eSign online electronic signature, are those that accept large number of signed documents from users.

Some applications, which can use eSign for enhancing for enhancing services delivery, are the following:-

  • Digital Locker - Self attestation
  • Tax  - Application for ID, e-filing
  • Financial Sector - Application for account opening in banks and post office
  • Transport Department - Application for driving license renewal, vehicle registration
  • Various Certificates - Application for birth, caste, marriage, income certificate etc
  • Passport - Application for issuance, reissue
  • Telecom - Application for new connection
  • Educational - Application forms for course enrollment and exams
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