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Upcoming Aadhaar Adalath

5th-10th March Chikkaballapur dist - Sidlaghatta
12th-17th Mar Chitradurga dist - Challakere
19th-24th Mar Chitradurga dist - Hiriyur

26th-31st Mar Chitradurga dist - Holakere

5th-10th March Tumkur dist - Chiknayakanhalli
12th-17th Mar Tumkur dist - Gubbi
19th-24th Mar Tumkur dist - Koratagere

26th-31st Mar Tumkur dist - Kunigal

5th-10th March Bagalkot dist - Mudhol
12th-17th Mar Bidar dist - Basavakalyan
19th-24th Mar Bidar dist - Bhalki

26th-31st Mar Bidar dist - Homnabad

5th-10th March Kalaburagi dist - Afzalpur
12th-17th Mar Kalaburagi dist - Aland
19th-24th Mar Kalaburagi dist - Chincholi

26th-31st Mar Kalaburagi dist - Chitrapur

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