​​Compendium (A Compendium of Engineering Students projects on Biofuels)​

KSBDB is actively supporting various Research projects on biofuels. The Student project program of KSCST is held every year and this time KSBDB associated with them to support and sponsor a batch of engineering projects from across various engineering colleges of Karnataka. About 23 BE and 8 M.Tech projects were selected for sponsorship under this project programme. This SPP project programme had a tremendous response from engineering students from various branches for the Jan.- June batch. All of them have worked on projects related to biofuels. A committee was formed to evaluate these projects . These have been submitted to VTU as a part of their final year engineering projects.

    This Compendium by KSBDB is a compiled synopsis of all these projects carried out under the student project programme. KSBDB intends to extend this type of support to pure/life science post graduation also in the years to come to encourage research.