​​​Constitution Of KSBDB

Karnataka State Bio-fuel Development Board is an organisation established by the Karnataka State and registered under Societies Act, No SOR/BLU/DR/597/10-11, dated 20/09/2010. On 10th Dec 2010, the Government of Karnataka constituted the Karnataka State Bio-fuel Development Board consisting experts from various academic institutions, research organizations, bio fuel enthusiasts, industrialists and concerned departmental heads of the government for development of bio fuel in the State. Mr. Y. B. Ramakrishna has been appointed as Chairman and a team of 15- expert member will support him to take up the challenges of Bio-fuel development in Karnataka.

The Karnataka State Bio-fuel Development Board has been assigned with definite tasks such as identifying various bio fuel species to be grown in the state, in various agro climatic zones, dovetailing implementation with various schemes, providing inputs for the government to bring specific policies, create awareness among rural people & to encourage entrepreneur to involve themselves in the production of bio diesel & bio ethanol apart from various other issues to be taken up in the state. ​