​​History Of Karnataka State Biofuel Development Board​​​​

While there were several developmental efforts with regard to alternate energy in Karnataka in the past three decades, the formation of Task Force on Bio-fuel in 2008 is undoubtedly a turning point and has resulted in convergence & better coordination of efforts for bio-fuel development in Karnataka. The initial thrust of the Task Force was to quickly finalize the Karnataka Bio-fuel Policy that could have a great impact on bio-fuel development in Karnataka. As a result, the new Karnataka Bio-fuel Policy was announced in March, 2009 and has been well received.

The Task Force also took several initiatives to accelerate the production of feedstock in the state while simultaneously creating small but visible infra-structure that could induce faith amongst stakeholders in this new era of bio-fuel development. The Task force has paid good dividends as there is already a renewed interest in bio-fuel business in Karnataka. The policy and the new initiatives have also generated considerable interest in rest of India and even in other developing nations as is evidenced by the communications being received by the Task Force.

The concerted efforts of the Task Force have resulted in planting of 3 Crore saplings of TBO species since its inception. The Bio-fuel Park at Hassan has received recognition as a novel project which can be emulated. MGIRED at Jakkur near Bangalore also has played a pioneering role by its studies & pilot plant scale facilities. In addition, six demonstration units for biodiesel production have been commissioned which would act as nuclei of development of this sector. With the announcement of the formation of the Karnataka Bio-fuel Development Board, these activities can only go faster and better.​