KSBDB shall act as an independent autonomous body with the following objectives:-

  1. To plan, promote, organize, implement, monitor and evaluate schemes, projects, activities, etc., for bio-fuel development in the State.  
  1. Achieving energy self-reliance and fuel security by progressive use of renewable energy through harnessing potential of the State in bio-fuels without affecting the food security. 
  1. Reducing the import bill or oil for the country. 
  1. To achieve 10% blending of Bio-fuel with Petrol / Diesel by the year 2017 and above 1-% beyond 2017. 
  1. Reducing of toxic emissions and reduction of green house gas emission through partial substitution of fossil fuels with bio-fuels. 
  1. Earning carbon credits and promote trading in Certified Emission Reductions. 
  1. ​Increasing rural income and women empowerment by generating rural employment. 
  1. Contributing to the social and economic development of rural and urban areas. 
  1. Facilitating coordination of the work of different departments, farmers, NGOs and private agencies dealing in various aspects of bio-fuels. 
  1. Synchronizing all other policies and programmes of the State as well as the Government of India and other Funding Agencies which have direct or indirect bearing on harnessing bio-fuel potential of the State. 
  1. To encourage and support research and development activities for bio-fuel development in the State. 
  1. Designing and operating bio-fuel projects under appropriate comprehensive, transparent, consultative and participatory processes that involve all relevant stakeholders. 
  1. To take-up plant propagation and distribution of various species of bio-fuel seedlings for the benefit of farmers so that farmers derive greater benefits. 
  1. To sponsor and organize workshops, seminars, exchange visits and experience sharing regarding bio-fuel development. 
  1. To publish journals, documents and other relevant literature in any manner as may be considered desirable in furtherance of the objectives. 
  1. To appoint requisite staff. 
  1. To mobilize funds from various sources such as self-generation, State Government/Central Government and their agencies, Banks, International Funding Agencies, Private Sector, etc., as donation, grant, aid, loan, equity participation, goodwill, subsidy etc., for meeting the objectives. 
  1. To acquire, undertake or enter into any arrangement to meet the objectives. 
  1. To facilitate contract framings, by encouraging private entrepreneurs to set up processing units and the farmers with vacant land to be garnered around the enterprise. 
  1. To undertake enumeration of waste land / marginal land available in the States with Forest and Revenue Departments and notify the same at the District, Taluk and Hobli levels. 
  1. ​To do all such acts and things as the Society may consider necessary, conductive or incidental, directly or indirectly, to the attainment and enlargement of the aforesaid objectives or any of them.​