KSBDB focuses on specific activities relating to oil tree planting, seed collection, processing of oil to bio-diesel and usage of by products . Related research and development is also carried out in collaboration with a few Research institutes.


An effort is being made to increase the yield of bio-fuel plantation. For this the grafting of seedlings is being done by the research wing of Forest Dept. Identification of clone material, imparting grafting trainings, development of clone orchards is being done at Hoskote & Bidar plantation plots of Research Wing. It is targeted to plant 30.00 lakh grafted seedlings during 2011-12 for which 900 persons are already trained & preparations for raising grafted seedlings is on.​

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Graby elite material- Pongamia plant started yielding from 3 rd year onwardsGrafted pongamia seedlings are ready for planting at nursery


Elite Material

To help large scale grafting it is necessary to identify elite material for grafting. University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore & Dharwad & Research & Utilization wing of forest Dept has already identified mother trees in the state.

High yielding Pongamia mother plant identified for graftingClone Orchard of Forest Nursery at Hoskote, Bangalore

Clonal Orchards

To support the activity of grafting & developing high yielding material it is necessary to preserve the existing local elite bio-fuel species. To take up the activities along with R & D in the field of Bio-fuels, clonal orchards are being done in various agro climatic Zones across the state. Already there are couples of clones orchards in the state & another 10 clonal orchards & arboretum are being established in 10-25 Ha plots in the state by the Dept of Forest (R & D) in the State.

Programmes implementing plantation of Bio-fuels

Hasiru Honnu

The bio-fuel program in Karnataka is designed to bring about total participation of the farming community, landless labourers, self help groups, non-government organizations. Under the "Hasiru Honnu" program plantation on bunds & hedges of the farmer’s land is done with funds from MGNREGA with the active participation of the non-government organizations

Baradu Bangara

The bio-fuel plantation in government wasteland, degraded forest land, along the roadside etc is being done by the forest dept. The block plantation is also done under this programme with the involvement of Village Forest Committees. Plantation along then canals, in tank bed area etc. is being taken up under this scheme. Both MGNREGA & SDP funds are utilized for this Scheme.​

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Plantation taken up under MGNREGA- Hasiru Honnu SchemePlantation under govt. waste land ​- Baradu Bangara Scheme