​​​Research And Development​


 Acts as coordinating institution between various technical institutes & Govt. organizations to take up research & development activities in the state.

• MGIRED, Bengaluru: 

Is carrying out Research and development in Bio-energy areas for Engineering students under " Clean Energy Engineering Program " with special emphasis on Biofuels.

• UAS(University of Agricultural Sciences): 

UAS, Bangalore, Dharwad & Raichur are engaged in various R & D activities in the State.

• IISc:

 Indian Institute of Science is involved in taking up research activities in 2nd generatioin bio-fuels.

• Other Institutions

R&D work and Studies:

In a relatively new sector like biofuel, the importance of innovation, research and training can never be over-emphasized. The following specific areas were identified for research and higher studies:

  1. Study to identify naturally occurring oil seed bearing tree species, quantum of seeds available in Western Ghats and coastal Karnataka. The study should also cover other less known local species occurring in other parts of Karnataka. Economical viability of such seed collection, and processing such oils and further propagation. 

  2. Field study for identification of high yielding (Plus trees) trees, device methodology to collect seeds for raising seedlings as well as scions for grafting from such plus trees. 

  3. Study to estimate current seed production, extent of collection, oil extraction within state and the extent to which seed is exported out of the state, Current uses of such oils, extent to which these oils are being used for bio-fuel production, potential and other impacting issues. 

  4. Study to estimate current Ethanol production in the state from various sources. Explore possibility of enhancing production levels from other sources such as agricultural wastes, grasses and municipal solid wastes. 

  5. Study on use of Straight vegetable oil (SVO) for decentralized power generation and other applications essentially towards meeting different energy needs of rural areas. 

  6. Study on the various initiatives taken by different sates in India and document it. 

  7. A study to get first hand feedback on various issues related to Energy Vs. Food security, effects of raising bio fuel plantations in large scale on environment and ecology and other related issues. 

  8. A study to evolve methodologies for development of high yielding varieties of bio-fuel plants, to reduce gestation period, to increase oil content in the seed, best package of practices of different cultivation aspects, remedial measures to contain pest and diseases 

  9. A study to access current oil extraction technologies, availability of machineries, improvements required for efficiency improvement, to identify and overcome problems associated with blending. 

  10. A study to examine the entire value chain. While oil for Bio-fuel is the main product, the de-oiled cake, which can be used as organic manure, as animal feed stock after detoxification as well as for gasification, needs to be looked into. We also have to fully harness the medicinal and pesticidal properties of these oils for maximum benefit of the society.