​​Seed Collection​

Seed collection plays a key role in processing & production of bio-diesel. As the tree borne oil seeds are spread in wide area.

Models of seed collection evolved : Three Types of Seed collection mechanisms viz. Milk Federation Model, Hassan Bio-fuel Grower’s model & a model where food is & civil supply chains could be used for the collection of bio-fuel seeds in the state. The work is on for establishing these models.

Involvement of Community: Community involvement is felt necessary for collection of seeds. Women’s self help groups, tank user’s group, village forest committees are proposed to be involved actively in the seeds collection mechanism.​

Women groups are trained under Biofuel program for seeds collectionSeeds are being collected at seeds collection centre & getting money

Price Fixation:

 To avoid exploitation of middleman to provide maximum benefits to farmers a proper price needs to be fixed for procurement of bio-fuel seeds KSBDBconstituting a subcommittee has fixed prices for procurement of seeds. The farmers’ interest is protected by this measure.