Vision Mission​

To create an enabling environment for harnessing the optimal and sustainable utilization of the complete potential of RE sources of energy with special focus like bio-fuel resources of the state of Karnataka.

​To pool, allocate and earmark funds under different departments for existing/new programmes executed under the umbrella of the KSBDB. The KSBDB will be competent to issue orders/sanctions in pursuance of decisions on bio-fuels; such orders shall be deemed to be the order of the Government in the respective Departments under whose jurisdiction the subjects fall. Constituting committees and sub-committees to identifying, implementing and monitoring all activities related to bio-fuel development. Mission includes research, development, planning, execution, consultation, documentation and dissemination of information. To engage consultants and subcontract works for specific tasks and projects and to act as empowered agency to overcome any impediments from achieving the goals of the KSBDB.