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About K​seclan​​


Karnataka Government Secretariat housed in Vidhana Soudha, Multi Storied Building (Comprising of various stages) and Vikas Soudha are connected on Local Area Network (LAN). This secretariat Local Area Network was set up to interconnect all the administrative departments housed in these three buildings. This LAN generally called Secretariat Local Area Network (SECLAN) is extensively used by the Karnataka Government Secretariat to run various e-Governance applications such as File Monitoring System, Letter Monitoring System and Attendance Monitoring System apart from Intranet and Internet. Each of these facilities has separate LAN established for all the users housed in the facility and the interconnectivity among these three facilities is established through fiber optic cables.

Under the National e Governance Action Plan, Karnataka State Secretariat LAN(SECLAN) is being mplemented by the CEG. The GoK has proposed a Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) model for the implementation and management of the SECLAN for a period of five years.

The following were steps involved in Establishing SECLAN;

  1. Design, implement and maintain Physical network infrastructure with structured cabling to support 3000 end user ports initially and scalable up to 7000 end-user ports.
  2. Establish and manage high availability network with the provision of data, video and voice services.
  3. Managed security services for the entire network.
  4. IT Infrastructure Management Services.









Keeping the current SECLAN network challenges in view, the following summarizes the broad project objectives of the proposed SECLAN up gradation project.

  1. To establish a reliable and available Local Area Network to address the current needs of the Departments and users in these facilities.
  2. To establish a network to provide triple play services including data, voice and video traffic.
  3. To provide for scalability for growth in future in terms of addition of more users to the network.
  4. To enable controlled access to the network and IT resources in these facilities.
  5. To establish effective monitoring and management systems for the SECLAN.
  6. To enable seamless integration with Karnataka State Data Centre (KSDC), ISP and Karnataka State wide area network (KSWAN) projects.
  7. Implementation of processes and procedures for effective management and monitoring of SECLAN.











  • Core Switch have 1+1 Redundancy.

  • Redundant Power, Fabric to eliminate single point of failure.

  • 24/7 Availability of the Network.

  • Proactive Maintenance.

  • Network Operating Center provides Alerts on each port failure.

  • All the ports have an IP phone facility and is enabled.

  • QOS enabled core for Voice, Video & Storage Convergence.

  • Video Conferencing Facility from each port across all Buildings.

  • The core should be Green Networking enabled - For less power utilization.

  • High Reliability features NSF & Ring Network protection for maximum uptime.

  • Access Switches has been connected on 10G x 2 Uplink to the Core for better throughput.

  • Redundant 10G Uplink to each separate core for avoid single point of failure.

  • Switch also supports the Voice VLAN technology.

  • The Access switch have an option to add to POE for future integration with POE enabled equipments.

  • Switches are on L3 to enable DHCP Relay agent.

  • Access Switches have at least 25% free ports for future provision.








UpTime Report


Sl. No. SLA Parameter SLA Target 18th QGR
May 14th 2015 to 13th Aug 2015
19th  QGR
Aug 14th 2015 to Nov 13th 2015
1 LAN Availability i.e. Uptime of all the Active and passive components in the network. <=99.9 % 99.96% 99.97%
2 Latency (in Milliseconds) between any two nodes within the same building Less than 8 ms 3.715 ms 4.523 ms
3 Latency      (in      Milliseconds)
between  any  two  nodes  in between the buildings
Less than 12ms 2.384 ms 4.190 ms
4 Packet Loss between any two
network devices in the network
>1 % 0 0
5 Voice  and  video  quality  for
each   link   measured   every minute
Packet Loss:> 0.10%
Jitter: > 30 ms
2.893 ms 1.496 ms









FMS Report


Sl No. Descriptions 13thQGR 14thQGR
1 Number of Tickets 2244 2069
2 Violated Tickets 50 185
3 Penalty for Violated Tickets 25335 97603
4 Number of Assets  Added NIL NIL
5 Number of assets carry forwarded from Previous QGR 8743 8743
  Total number of assets 8743 8743





Severity Level & Priorities

Severity level & priorities for FMS service :

Priority Severity Level 1 Severity Level 2 Severity Level 3
VIP users Any issue for critical/VIP ( As defined by CEG) users assets    
High Affecting more than 30 users Affecting more than 10 users and less than 30 users Affecting less than 10 users
Medium Affecting more than 60 users Affecting more than 30 users and less than 60 users Affecting less than 30 users
Low Affecting more than 100 users Affecting more than 50 users and less than 100 users Affecting less than 50 users



FMS Ticket resolution time once ticket logged by user :


Severity Resolution Time( working hours)
Severity Level – 1 (S1) 6 hrs ( ReS1)
Severity Level – 2  (S2) 9 hrs  (ReS2)
Severity Level – 3  (S3) 12 hrs (ReS3)
Any change management request which shall include upgradation of an asset/system software or installation of a new software. 24 hrs(ReCM)
Replacement of components where standby is provided (Crep) 6 days (ReCrep)


Excluding holidays and extended business hours





Project Director

Room No: 110, Gate II, M S Building,
Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore 560 001
Tel: +91 080 22373841
Email : pdkswan@karnataka.gov.in
Url : http://www.karnataka.gov.in/kswan




For FTP access Click on SECLAN FTP server to download applications.

Help Desk : Network

Phone : +91 080-22032966
Mail : seclanhelpdesk@karnataka.gov.in
URL to Log Ticket : http://ceghelpdesk:8080
Click Network helpdesk ticketing tool.
(It is restricted to CEG consultants to log a Network related ticket)


Help Desk : FMS - File Management System

Phone : +91 080-22032965
Mail : fmshelpdesk@karnataka.gov.in
URL to Log Ticket : http://ceghelpdesk:8080
Click FMS Helpdesk Ticketing tool.
( It is restricted to CEG consultants to log a FMS related ticket)





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