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Government of Karnataka, to bring transparency in Governance and as part of e-governance initiative has decided to make available various decisions taken online by the Government to the citizens. The ODGC Project was initiated in Oct 2011.



ODGC Project provides the application software for online drafting of the Government Communication by Secretariat, issue the digitally signed communication and publish the same on web for easy access to the Public and all concerned. The Government communications covered are Government Orders, Notifications, Circulars and Office Memorandum.



The application implemented is a centralized and web based one. The ODGC is conceptualized keeping the stakeholder needs into consideration.



To create and implement a centralized platform for creation, publishing and accessing of all the Government Communications such as Government Orders, Notifications, Circulars and Office Memorandum.




Some of the key objectives of ODGC project are as follows:

  • Improvement in Efficiency (responsiveness).

  • Improved Transparency.

  • Better Accountability through Monitoring of the status.

  • Confidentiality and security.

  • Make available at Central Location Digitally signed communication.

  • Interested Citizens Access to Government orders.




Following are the list of functionalities offered by ODGC platform to Government users:

  1. Generation of Draft Government Communications.

  2. Returning of Communications with remarks.

  3. Re-submission of the Communications for approval.

  4. Approval of the Communications.

  5. Digitally Signing the Communications.

  6. Generation of the Final Communications.

  7. Search of Communications.

  8. Printing of Communications.

  9. Publishing of the Communications on the web.

  10. Withdrawal of the Communications.

  11. Archival of Communications.


Key Activities


Some of the key activities performed and achievements during the year are as follows

  1. Conducted ODGC Awareness workshop.

  2. Development of ODGC Software by NIC.

  3. Identification of Departments for ODGC Pilot implementation.

  4. Training of the users of Revenue and Higher Education Departments for ODGC Pilot implementation.

  5. Training of the consultants on ODGC application to support Pilot and Go-Live stages.

  6. Conducting of Digital Signature Certificate and ODGC workshop.

  7. Initiation of Pilot implementation in Department of Revenue and Higher education.

  8. Trained all the Departments officials and consultants.

  9. Issued 290 e-tokens (Digital Signature Certificates).

  10. More than 15 departments have issued 112 Gos.




Sri Shivakumar Talawar
Senior Programmer - II.

Room No: 134, Gate II, M S Building,
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore 560 001.
Tel: +91 080 22032003
Email : srprog2-egov-dpar@karnataka.gov.in
Visit : http://sachivalaya.karnataka.gov.in/svsearch






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