Centre for Lake Conservation

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​Centre For Lake Conservation

Lakes are ecologically precious water bodies. Conservation and development of these invaluable, traditional water bodies is of paramount importance. Due to rapid Urbanization and Industrialization, majority of these lakes have now come either under encroachment or have lost their original characteristics. Restoration of these lakes is not only urgent need but also a challenging task. The Centre facilities the conservation and development of these surface water bodies in the state in an environmentally sustainable manner. Three Research Scientists, Six Research Associates, two Technical Field Assistants and five Field Assistants are workingin the Centre at present. The Centre has already completed a detailed study on “Assessment Derived Conservation Strategies for the Major Lakes of Bangalore” covering 117 water bodies, “Water Safety Plan for Bangalore – A Quality Based Approach to Water Supply Service Delivery”,and “Comprehensive Assessment of Thippagondanahalli Reservoir Catchment Area and its Preservation Zones” . The Centre is working on the study on 'Evolving Sustainable Conservation Strategies for Water- Bodies of Mysore – Nanjangud Local Planning Area' and 'Inventorization of Waterbodies in Bangalore Metropolitan Region' also developing a study proposal for “Conservation of Cauvery River in Karnataka” to CISTUP has been submitted for approval. EMPRI has also initiated setting up of Water Quality Analysis lab during the current year.​​​​


Completed Projects:

  • ​​​Assesment Derived Conservation Stratergies for the Major Lakes of Bnagalore
  • "Water Safety Plan For Bangalore"- A Quality Based Approach to Water Supply Service Delivery"
  • Comprehensive Assesment of Thippagondanahalli Reservoir Catchment Area and its Preservation Zones


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