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 State of Environment​​ Reports

State of Environment Report Karnataka 2011 | 2012

soer-2010-ongoing.gifFunded by Dep​artment of Ecology & Environment (DEE) and Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), this is the second edition of the earlier State of Environment Report Karnataka 2003. It is more than an update as its scope was considerably expanded. New topics include agriculture, which is the state's main livelihood provider, and education, which offers valuable entry points for conservation of natural resources. Also a discussion of climate change appears here for the first time, whose bearing on environment cannot be neglected. The report concludes a summary of recommendations and good practices vis-a-vis challenges identified. Download this report​​

State of Environment Report Bangalore 2008 | 2009​


Funded by Department of Ecology & Environment (DEE) and the ASEM programme of German Technical Cooperation (GTZ, now GIZ), this is one of India's first urban state of environment reports. 22 authors prepared this document aided by an editorial team of 8 members. This report provides a close-up to specific urban issues and a broad, detailed assessment of problem areas while proposing an equally detailed action plan. Download this report​

State of Environment Report K​arnataka 2003 | 2004​​

soer-2003-2004.gifFunded by World Bank, this is the first holistic assessment of Karnataka's state of environment. 25 subject experts representing 8 institutions author this work. An inter-departmental working group of Government of Karnataka facilitated the preparation. The report provides a comprehensive yet succinct analysis of current environmental issues and proposes actions to address these. Published in 2004, the document was printed in both English and Kannada. Download this report (English only)

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