Energy Conservation

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Energy Conservation And Energy Efficiency:

  • Government is encouraging installation of Solar Roof Top on residential/commercial buildings.
  • Government vide order dated 13.11.2007 & 08.04.2008 under section 18 of the EC Act 2001 has mandated for use of Solar Water Heating Systems and CFLs in Government buildings, aided institutions, Boards and Corporations.
  • Government has mandated for compulsory installation of Solar Water Heaters in residential and commercial buildings having plinth area of more than 600 Sq Ft in Karnataka. Installed 2.3 million Sq Mt collector area in Bangalore – highest in India.
  • ESCOMs provide a rebate of Rs 0.50 per unit, subject to a maximum of Rs 50 per month for installation of solar water heaters.
  • Mandatory use of BEE Standard Energy Efficient irrigation pump-sets.
  • Promotion of Energy Efficient Building Design (ECBC) is being made.