​Externally Aided Project

JICA assisted Karnataka Sustainable Forest Management & Bio-diversity Conservation (KSFMBC) Project

Japan International Co-operation Agency assisted Karnataka Sustainable Forest Management and Bio-diversity Conservation (KDFMBC) Project is being implemented in the entire state since 2005-06 (to 2012-13). As per the MOD (Minutes of Discussion) dated 5th November 2004 signed between Government of India, Government of Karnataka & JICA (then JBIC) authority, and in accordance with the loan agreement dated: 31.03.2005, the project is under implementation in all 30 districts and 176 taluks of the State. 
The main activities of the project are: Afforestation, Soil & Moisture Conservation Measures, Projected Area Management & Bio- diversity Conservation, Income Generation Activities for Poverty Alleviation (Joint Forest Planning & Management), Providing Basic Infrastructure Support for Field Works, Supporting Activities for Forest Management. While the project activities in forest lands are implemented by the territorial wing of the department, the project activities in non-forest lands are implemented by the Social Forestry wing of the department.​