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Dr. Shalini Rajneesh, IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt. Department of Health & Family Welfare

​Dr. Shalini ​Rajneesh, IAS
 Principal Secretary to Govt.
  Health & Family Welfare Dept.​​​​

Dr. Rathan Kelkar, IAS, Managing Director National Health Mission

Dr. Rathan Kelkar, IAS
Mission Director,
National Health Miss​ion

new​HMIS REPORTS ​​​​​



The Demography and Evaluation Cell is the focal point in the Health Directorate, which monitors the implementation of HMIS and MCTS across the State. 

The physical progress of Health Programmes in general and RCH programmes in Particular are captured through Health Management Information System (HMIS), which is an web based data transfer system of GOI. The Data components of HMIS formats as per the guidelines of GOI are captured from the lowest level i.e., from Sub Centers to District Level Hospitals. Around 12,500 health institutions are regularly uploading the monthly data on the web.

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