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Dr. Shalini Rajneesh, IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt. Department of Health & Family Welfare

Dr. Shalini Rajneesh, IAS
Principal​​​​ Secre​tary to Go​vt. Health & Family Welf​​are Dept.​

Dr. Rathan Kelkar, IAS, Managing Director National Health Mission

Dr. Rath​an Kel​kar, IAS
Mission​ Director,
National Health Mission




The Institute was started in the year 1996-97 under IPP-IX KARNATAKA PROJECT. During 2000-01 National Institute of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi recognized this institute as Collaborating Training Institution (CTI) for RCH, NIHFW, and is a Nodal Centre for e-Learning courses such as : Professional Development Course (e-PDC) and Program Management Support Unit (e-PMSU). The SIHFW is a Nodal Centre in South India for Distant Learning Courses in Hospital Management, Diploma in Health Promotion and Diploma in Health and Family Welfare Management.


• To streamline the training activities at the State level so as to maintain the quality and uniformity in the trainings.
• To start long term courses like - Post Graduate Diploma in Health Education and Public Health Education Nursing course.
• To develop the training curriculum for medical as well para-medical staff in the department.
• To plan the training activities in the state under various programmes.
• Monitoring and evaluation of training​.

Staff Positions of SIHFW

Sl.​​No​Name of the PostSanctionedRemarks
​2Joint Director1
3Deputy Director0*
4Accounts Officer1
5Office Superintendent1
6Accounts Superintendent1
12Group 'D'8
14House Keeping4
16Cook Assistant1

Administrative Building of SIHFW ​​

Ground Floor :

   • Director’s Chamber 
   • JD’s Chamber , Consultants & Office Rooms

1st Floor :

   • DD’s Chambers
   • Meeting/Video conference Hall

2nd Floor :

   • 2 Computer labs; with 30 computers
   • 1 Lecture Hall : 40 Seating capacity 

​​Fully Equipped Computer Lab (A/C) with Internet Access & LCD Projector


​CPHN Block : With a Class Room, Faculty Room, Library/Lab & KSHSRC Setup


​HOSTEL – I : 22 Rooms, Kitchen & Dining Facility 



​Seminar Hall –I (A/C):Seating capacity of 60, Public Address 

System and LCD Projector

​​HOSTEL – II : 16 Rooms (Double Occupancy)​

Additional Seminar Hall-II (Seat Capacity 100)​​

​​​​Training Programmes Conducted At/Through SIHFW

 Maternal Health Trainings:

Sl. N​o​ Trainin​g Cadre Batch Size Duration
01 SBA Regular SN 3 21 days
 02 SBA Regular ANM/LHV 3 21 days
 03 SBA Regular AYUSH MO 3 28 days
 04 SBA Refresher SN/ANM/LHV 30 06 days
 05 BEMOC MO 4 10 days
 06 MTP MO 2 12 days
 07 EmOC MO 8 16 weeks
 08 EmOC Refresher MO 1 01 month
 09 LSAS MO 8 18 weeks
 10 RTI/STI MO 30 02 days
 11 RTI/STI SN 30 02 days
 12 RTI/STI ANM 30 02 days
 13 Skill Assessment SN/LHV/ANM 30 01 day​