​​​​​​​​​​​​Objectives of Telemedicine​​

What is Telemedicine.? ...... The use of electronic information and communications technologies to provide and support health care when distance separates the participants.
Institute of Medicine, 1996

​​​​Use of information and communication technologies to provide specialised health care consultation to patients in remote locations, to facilitate video-conferencing among health care experts for better treatment and care and to provide opportunities for continuing education of health care personnel.

​​​​​​​​Relevance of Telemedicine

Inade​​qute infrastructure in rural/district hospitals.Large number of indoor/outdoor patients requiring referral for specialised care. Low availability of Health Experts in district/remote hospitals. Dearth of adequate opportunities for training or continuing Medical Education for Doctors in Rural/Remote Health facilities.​ ​​​​​

Telemedicine and information technologies are mere vehicles that permit the delivery of health care services but which have no greater impact on health care than the truck that delivers our groceries has on our nutrition.  It is the content of the vehicle that permits effective health care, not the vehicle.

​​Benefits of Telemedicine

​​​​​Access to specialised h​ealthcare services to under-served rural, semi-rural and remote areas.
Access to expertise of Medical Specialists to a larger population without physical referral.
Reduced visits to specially hospitals for long term follow-up care for the aged and terminally ill patients.​
Continuing education or training through video conferencing periodically.​​
Reduction in avoidable visits and hospitalisation for specialised care at tertiary hospitals.
Earlier discharge of patients leading to shorter length of stay in hospitals thus optimise bed occupancy level.
Increase in the scope of services without creating physical infrastructure in remote hospitals.

​​​​​Nodal Hospital connected to Referral Hospital through POTS/ISDN/LEASED LINE/VSAT

​Nodal Hospital

​​​​Patient under treatment 
Pysician treating the patient. 
A remote telemedicine console having audio visual and data conferencing facilities​​.​

​​​An expert / specialised doctor
A central telemedicine server having audio visual and data conferencing facility


​​Telemedicine in Karnataka

Telemedicine facilities were started in association with ISRO since 2004. 

In the first phase they were started in District hospital Chamarajanagar, Mandya,