Final Set​

Final Set of Recommendations October 2012

During the Fifteenth Meeting of the Commission held on March 17, 2012, under the visionary Chairmanship of Dr. K. Kasturirangan, a decision to constitute Mission Groups and a Task Force for each of the Focus Areas was made. Accordingly, Commission constituted the following five Mission Groups-Teacher Development, Higher Education Policy, Skill Development, Public Health, Community Knowledge and Practices and a Task Force on Karnataka Geographic Information System. The Mission Groups and the Task Force were vested with the responsibility of evolving recommendations in their respective focus areas. Taking into cognizance, the over-all mandate of the Commission and the specific issues falling under each of the focus areas, the Mission Groups and the Task Force have evolved the following recommendations for kind consideration by the Government of Karnataka. The reports submitted by the Mission Groups and Task Force carries the details and rationale of each of the recommendations submitted herein.