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An Invite to Undertake Research Study


Karnataka Jnana Aayoga (Karnataka Knowledge Commission) was constituted in September 2008 under the Chairmanship of renowned space scientist Dr. K.Kasturirangan, who is also a Member of Planning Commission, Government of India. The mandate of the Commission is to transform Karnataka into a vibrant knowledge society.  Aayoga, initially constituted for a three- year- term, was given an extension in January 2012 for a period of 18 months. By the end of the first phase, Aayoga had submitted 60 recommendations, had completed implementation of 12 recommendations, in collaboration with line Departments, and had undertaken 6 research studies in partnership with academic and research organizations.


To encourage participation of diverse stakeholders in more numbers, Aayoga is launching
'JNANA SHODHA-2012' an invitation to institutions to undertake research studies in the following areas (specific to Karnataka):

  1. Promoting Social and Industrial Innovations.
  2. Augmenting Community Knowledge and Practices to Improve Agriculture.
  3. Augmenting Community Knowledge and Practices to Improve Public Health.
  4. Skill Development in Higher Education (Among General Graduates).
  5. ICT Application in Education; health; and community knowledge.

Besides the above specific themes, eligible institutions can send research proposal on any theme falling within the following broad areas (specific to Karnataka):

  1. Public Health
  2. Higher Education
  3. Teacher Professional Development
  4. Skill Development
  5. Community Knowledge and Practices
  6. Building Knowledge Society


The primary objective of inviting research proposal is to increase the stakeholders' participation and to supplement the work of the KJA in attaining its stated mandate. Further, this would enable KJA to partner with various research organisations in exploring innovative ideas for transforming Karnataka into a vibrant knowledge society.


Academic & research institutions, voluntary organisations and government and quasi-government organisations/bodies, registered trusts and foundations of national and international repute having experience in research in the above stated focus areas are eligible to send their research proposals.

Procedure for Applying

Eligible institutions have to fill in the on-line application- Part A and Part B. The on-line application should be filled in by logging on to our website: www.jnanaayoga.in. Online application to be filled in before July 6th of 2012. 

Process of Approval

Research proposals will be sent for blind review by domain experts.  The comments received from blind review will be communicated to the institution for consideration. The final proposal would be presented to the Research Committee for consideration. The decision of the Research Committee  would be final. Subsequently, an Office Order will be issued to eligible institutions followed by signing of an MoU between KJA and the institution to undertake the research study.

Procedure for Release of Fund

Fund will be released in four instalments as stated under-

  1. On signing the MoU, 25% of the sanctioned amount would be released
  2. On submission and acceptance of inception report, 25% would be released
  3. On submission and acceptance of final draft report, 30 % would be released
  4. On acceptance of the final report, 20% would be released

Monitoring and Interim Reports

On entering into the MoU, KJA will notify the date of submission of the inception; interim; draft and final reports.  Institution should send a detailed Action Plan listing out all the activities which would be undertaken in pursuance of the research study.  

Duration of the Research

Maximum duration of the study period is 3 months from the date of issuing of Office Order.

Submission of Final Report and Closure

The institution should submit two sets of hard and soft copies of the final report in English and Kannada. Along with this, the executive summary and a brief & a comprehensive presentation-in Kannada and English-should be submitted. On submission and acceptance of the final report, the balance fund will be released by KJA.

Aayoga will not attend to phone calls or in person enquiry. All the communication will be via e-mails. Please mail your enquiries to padmavathi@jnanaayoga.in


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