KJA-KUIDFC Knowledge Seminar on

"Strategies for Waste Water Management and Sanitation"

Date: June 19, 2015

Venue: Hall No. 419, 4th Floor, Vikasa Soudha, Bangalore


Urban Development Department (UDD) of Karnataka and Karnataka Jnana Aayoga (KJA) have been discussing about importance of wastewater management as it plays a role in achieving future water security where water stress is increasing day by day. Against this backdrop, KJA and UDD have recognised for the need for a dedicated State Waste-Water Management Strategy - which includes explicit recognition of the importance of re-cycling water and successful management of waste-water that is produced from residential areas, industrial waste-water, storm-water run-off and other sources.

KJA and Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development & Finance Corporation (KUIDFC) are jointly organising a 1-day workshop  to focus on scientific  perspective  to  the  problem  of waste water management and help exchange  views and information on possible waste water management guidelines that state can develop. The workshop is first of its kind and it is aimed to ultimately bring out guidelines for waste water management.

The KJA-KUIDFC Workshop on "Strategies for Waste Water Management and Sanitation" is planned for June 19, 2015 at Room No. 419, Conference Hall, 4th Floor, Vikasa Soudha, Bengaluru.

The deliberations at the workshop are expected to result in identification of technical, managerial and governance solutions to tackle the issues of Waste Water Management and Sanitation.

Please click here for the announcement and tentative program for the workshop.

KJA and KUIDFC formally invite experts and professionals involved in waste water management activity to participate and take benefit of this knowledge workshop. Participation is by specific invitation to experts from government, academia and industries – those interested may contact the relevant focal points in KJA and KUIDFC for more details and registration/participation.

   Member-Secretary, KJA                                                                                                                                                                                                             Managing Director, KUIDFC

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