KJA-Technical Committee (KJA-TC)

KJA considers new ideation and concepts; innovative proposals related to technology, policy analysis and research; brain-storming and sounding-board discussions on visioning and opinionating exercises on key issues of relevance to the state. KJA also undertakes cross-cutting and integrating discussions and consultation across government departments at various levels, industries, academia and citizenry. Through such a wide process of networking, consultation and discussions, it is envisaged that KJA will be able to stimulate, design and recommend various studies/projects/evaluations etc in different sectors – thereby, bringing knowledge inputs and expertise for the development of the state. Thus, KJA can serve as a catalyzing agent for many innovative, knowledge ideations – and, through its proposal/projects/recommendations, identify specific actions for implementation that the Government of Karnataka can take up further.  

KJA will need to consider a large number of proposals-either received from KJA Members or generated through KJA discussions or requirement stated by various Departments of Government or even suo-moto generated by KJA itself-to accomplish its mandate. It is envisaged that each proposal would need to be carefully considered on technical merit, knowledge relevance, innovation and, more importantly, the benefits that can accrue to the state-both short-term based on KJA efforts and long-term by state implementation and other mechanisms. 

To undertake technical evaluation of the proposals, KJA constituted KJA-Technical Committee on September 2, 2014 under the Chairmanship of Prof. Sadagopan. KJA-TC is empowered to consider all proposals on behalf of KJA and recommend technical/financial approvals or make any recommendations, on behalf of KJA, for further action. Click here for Office Order. ​​​

The KJA-TC has the following membership:​

1​Prof. S. Sadagopan, Member, KJA-Chairman
2Prof. H.P. Khincha, Permanent Invitee, KJA                                                    -Co-Chairman
3Prof. G. Padmanabhan, Member, KJA-Member
4Prof. M. R. Satyanarayana Rao, Member, KJA-Member
5Dr. Sudha N. Murty, Member, KJA-Member
6Dr. Nazeer Ahmed,  Member, KJA-Member
7Mr. Venkatesh Valluri, Member, KJA                          -Member
8Mr. B.V. Naidu, Member, KJA-Member
9Mr. Manish Sabharwal, Member, KJA-Member
10Ms. Shukla Bose, Member, KJA-Member
11Dr. Mohan Alva, Member, KJA-Member
12Dr. Gayatri Saberwal, Member, KJA-Member

Principal Secretary  to Govt.,  Education Department (Higher Education) Ex-Officio Member, KJA

-Ex-Officio Member

Principal Secretary    to Govt., Health and Family Welfare Department, Ex-Officio Member, KJA

-Ex-Officio Member
15Principal Secretary   to Govt., Education Department, (Primary and Secondary Education), Ex-Officio Member, KJA-Ex-Officio Member
16Dr. Mukund K. Rao, Member Secretary, KJA-Member Secretary
17Senior Research Associate, KJA-​​Convenor​