KSInC – Terms of Reference​​

  1. Support Government to promote innovation in the State.
  2. Map opportunities for innovation in the State.
  3. Identify and reward talent in innovation and disseminate success stories.
  4. Organize seminars, lectures, workshops on innovation and create State innovation portal to educate.
  5. Help to create innovation eco-systems.
  6. Evolving a State model of innovation with focus on inclusive growth.
  7. Facilitating linkages/networks among all the educational and knowledge institutions at all levels for promotion of innovation in the State.
  8. Creating special research fund to encourage innovation outside the formal structure
  9. Formulating special schemes/steps/measures to drive innovation in rural areas.
  10. Initiating policy measures to encourage innovation in social sectors like agriculture, education, health, ecology, rural and urban development, water resources, renewable energy.
  11. Encouraging innovation in governance; Public service delivery; Individuals; Educational Institutions and SMEs.
  12. Undertaking any other measure which the Council feels appropriate.