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About  the Department
The Department of Stamps & The Department of Stamps & Registration is the third highest revenue generating department for the Government of Karnataka with a revenue collection of Rs. 3795.26 crores for 2010-2011 as against the revenue target of Rs.3700 crores.Achievement - 102.56%. Documents Registered - 12.02 lakhs. Sanctioned staff strength of the department including...(more)
FAQ   Karnataka Stamp (Amendment) Bill - 2014"
FAQ   At a Glance: Stamp Duty & Registration Fee
FAQ   Document Registration Fees
FAQ   Firm Registration Fees
FAQ   Hindu Marriage Fees
FAQ   Special Marriage Fees
FAQ   Where can I register my immovable property ?

All queries/comments regarding the content on this site may be sent to sent to the respective person based on the subject of the issue
Public Grievance
Sri. Adoni Syed Saleem
Ph. No : 91-080-22220672
E-mail ID : igr@karnataka.gov.in
Relating to Registration of Documents, Registration fee, marriage registration, Society Registration, Firm registration, RTI, General Information about Department. 
DIGR Administration
Sri. Venkatagiri.
Ph No : 91-080-22220579
Email ID : digr.admin@karnataka.gov.in
Regarding Valuation of the Property
Sri. Nayaz Ahmed.
Ph No : 91-080-22210270
Email ID : digr.cvc@karnataka.gov.in
Stamp duty and Stamp duty related matters. 
DIGR Enforcement
Sri. S.M Bhavikatti.
Ph No : 91-080-22220436
Email ID : digr.enf@karnataka.gov.in
Computer related issues. 
AIGR Computer
Sri. Prabhakara H.L                                                
Ph No : 91-080-22220436
Email ID : aigrcomp@karnataka.gov.in
Revenue generated during the previous year.
Computerisation of the Department  
FAQ   Tender Notification 2012-13

"KAVERI Tender Order"  


SC/ST typists revised temporary selection list for Bangalore District Unit  

Exemption of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee on acquiring farmers land 

Karnataka Stamp(Amendment) Act 2012 

Amendment of Registration fees - 2011  

Joint Liability Groups - Exemption of Duty and Fee 

Tourism Policy 2009-14 - Exemption of Duty & Fee  


Records to be Produced for Registration of 


E-Stamping Rules
e-Stamp Centres in Karnataka

New Sub-Registrar Offices  

FAQ   Section 4(i)(a)
FAQ   Section 4(i)(a)
FAQ   Section 4(i)(a)
FAQ   Section 4(b)(i) to 4(b)(Xii)
FAQ   Section 4(b)(xiii)-RegFeeExcemptions
FAQ   Section 4(b)(xiii)-StampDytyExcemptions
FAQ   Section 4(b)(xiv) to 4(b)(xv)

Enquiry and Suggestions may be sent to
Sri Adoni Syed Saleem,  I.A.S
E-Mail: igrcs@yahoo.co.in                         Phone: +91-080-22220598, 080-22220672      
Inspector General of Registration & Commissioner of Stamps & Chief Controlling Revenue Authority in Karnataka,
Kandaya Bhavan 8th floor,K.G. Road, Bangalore-560 001



"Notification - Change in Table of Fees for JDA"

"New Guideline Values"

Ramnagara District
Bangalore Rural
Shivaji Nagar
Rajajinagar |
Gandhi Nagar"