We Expect Citizen

To approach the officials of the office only, directly for any information, service and not any tout/middleman/agent.

To ascertain the market value of the property from the Sub-Registrar directly instead of any other staff of the office, by providing correct and complete description of the same.

Not to under value the properties required to be registered or succumb to ill advise of any middle man/tout for such act.

While purchasing flats/apartments, to make sure that the builder/developers has perfect title to sell the property and the whole process is submitted to the Karnataka apartment ownership Act 1972. Further, that he executes a proper conveyance of the flats/apartment and not to accept anyt hing short of a sale deed for the entire money paid. Not to accept only possession certificate in connection with purchase of flat/apartment as a title deed issued by a Co-operator Housing Society or a company, linked to allotment/transfer of shares; but to insist for regular sale deed.

To disclose the real consideration paid for the purchase of property while, obtaining the sale deed and to buy stamp paper only from a licensed stamp vendor and not to succumb to the offer of any commission/lesser amount for the value of stamps, since the paper bought may be fake.
" Beware of fake stamps.”​