Computerization Of Department Of Registration & Stamps In Karnataka

Computerization is aimed at,

  • Simplifying the process of Registration of documents.
  • Return of documents to the public within 30 minutes.
  • Issue of Encumbrance Certificates and Certified copy of   the documents on the same day.
  • Improvement of efficiency in the department.
  • Accountability and Transparency in the functions of the department.
  • Built-in market value intelligence.
  • Issue of Encumbrance Certificates from any Sub-Registrar Office.
  • Generation of various MIS (Management Information System)  Reports for the use of the Department/Policy makers in  Government/General Public.

All the 235 Sub-Registrars offices and 33 District Registrar offices in the sate have been computerized since 2003-04.
Following major activities of the department were chosen for computerization. 

Sl. No.



Registration of documents, Marriages and Firms.


Scanning and archival of Registered Documents.


Issue of certified copies of registered documents.


Market value assessment and Stamp Duty Evaluation.