​Document Registration Fees

​Table of Registration Fees
(As Amended upto 23-01-2002)

In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 78 of the Registration Act, 1908 the Government of Karnataka hereby amends the notification No.RD 403 ESR 85, dated 27th May 1986 No. RD 184 MUNOMU 97 (p) dated 1st April 1997, RD 254 MUNOMU 98 dated 31.3.1998 and RD 467 MUNOMU 98 dated 23rd February 1999, RD No.169 MUNOMU 2000, dated 31-3-2000, RD No. 164, MUNOMU 2001 (1) dated 31-3-2001 and fixes the fees with effect from first day of April, 2001 as follows:

The Following are documents on which registration fees is leviable on an ad-valorem scale on the amount or Value


Agreement for Consideration

Annuity Bonds



Bill of Exchange

Bill of Sale


Instrument of Assignment


Mortgage with possession

Mortgage without possession

Agreement relating to Deposit of Title Deeds




Certified copy of decree or order of Court

Release for Consideration

Power of Attorney

Composition Deed

Gift Deed

Partnership deed


Declaration of Trust


Hypothecation of movable Property

The Fee leviable on Partition Deed

The fee for the Registration of a surrender of a Lease

Documents on which fee shall be calculated according to the ad-valorem scale in Article I but subject to maximum of Rs. 100.00

Acknowledgement of payment of consideration

Reconveyance of mortgage liens

Release of Mortgage liens

Acknowledging the Receipt of Installment of Mortgages

Revocation of Trust

Revocation of Settlement

Duplicate or Duplicates presented for registration

Release executed in pursuance of some other document

  • Documents on which a fixed fee shall be levied.
  • For Registration of an Adoption Deed, the fee payable shall be 1[Rs. 200.]
  • For Registration of a will when presented open, the fee payable shall be 2[Rs. 200.]
  • The fee payable on a document canceling a will.
  • The fee for deposit of a sealed cover containing a will
  • The fee for opening a sealed-cover 1[Rs.100] according to the rate laid down in Article XIII 4[Rs. 1,000.]
  • The fee for withdrawal of a sealed cover 2[Rs.200.]
  • Re-registration of Documents
  • Searches and Inspection
  • Copying fees, Grant of copies, etc.,comparing printed copies of documents presented for registration
  • Making or granting copies of entries and documents for the benefit of any person
  • Granting copy of map plan
  • Government officers requiring copies of entries, documents, maps or plans
  • Extra or Additional fees: 
  • Commission or attendance at a Private residence or jail
  • Summons or warrants process fee
  • Allowance for Document withdrawn before Registration.
  • fixed fee of Rs. 250 for appeal etc.
  • fixed fee of Rs. 50 for Application made to sub-registrar u/s 25(2) and 34(4) of Registration Act, 1908 etc.
  • re-registration of a document partly refused in the first instance
  • filing translation under Section 62
  • For proceeding to and returning from a private residence or a jail
  • safe custody and return of any document presented for registration
  • For every copy of the memorandum to be sent under Sections 64 and 66
  • For the authentication or attestation of a power of attorney
  • Application Fee made to Sub Registrar.
  • Exemption of fee for state/central government.
  • Concession and Exemption of registration fee for certain category of documents.
  • Concession and Exemption for issue of Encumbrance Certificate.
  • Maximum Registration fee payable.