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The Department of Stamps & Registration is the third highest revenue generating department for the Government of Karnataka with a revenue collection of Rs. 7788.87 crores for 2016-2017 and Documents registered – 17.34 lakhs. Sanctioned staff strength of the department including  officers and staff is 1662. The department has a large cutting edge interaction with people.​


Karnataka Stamp (Amendment) Bill - 2014

At a Glance Stamp Duty and Registration Fee

Document Registration Fees

Firm ​Registration Fees
Hindu Marriage Fees

Special Marriage Fees

Where can I register my immovable property ?

                                  Dr. K.V. Thrilok Chandra, I.A.S

                                                 IGR &CS

                                       Ph. No : 91-080-22220672 

                                  E-mail ID : igr@karnataka.gov.in

 Registration Matters
 DIGR Admin
 Smt. K N Vimala
 Ph No : 91-080-2222 0579
 Email ID : digr.admin@karnataka.gov.in

        Guideline Values
        DIGR CVC
        Sri. K Ramachandra
        Ph No : 91-080-2221 0374
        Email ID : digr.cvc@karnataka.gov.in

 Internal Audit
 DIGR Intelligence
 Sri. K B Shankarlingaiah
 Ph No : 91-080-2222 0910
 Email ID : digr.intel@karnataka.gov.in

       Stamp duty matters
       DIGR Enforcement
       Sri. K Ramachandra
       Ph No : 91-080-2222 0917
       Email ID : digr.enf@karnataka.gov.in
 Computer related issues
 AIGR Computer
 Sri. Syed Noor Pasha S                           
 Ph No : 91-080-2222 0436
 Email ID : aigrcom p@karnataka.go​v.in
       Law related issues
       AIGR Law
       Sri. V Madhusudhan
       Ph No : 91-080-2222 0579
       Email ID : aigr.law@karnataka.gov.in

 Audit related issues
 AIGR Audit
 Smt. R N Pushpalatha                            
 Ph No : 91-080-2295 9320
 Email ID : audit@karnataka.go​v.in

       Admin related issue

       AIGR Admin
       Sri. Madhusudana E P
       Ph No : 91-080-2222 0374
       Email ID:aigr.admin@karnataka.gov.in
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​             Government Orders



             Amendments ​


             RTI Act


             Preliminary Notification 


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