​Firm ​​​​​Registration Fees​​

XXXI. For the authentication or attestation of a power of attorney :-

(i) If special 1[Rs.100-00]

(ii) If general 1[Rs.100-00]

Note I: A single fee shall be levied for the authentication or attestation of a power of attorney whatever may be the number of signatories to it, provided that all of them appear simultaneously. Where they do not so appear a separate fee shall be levied for each time.

XXXII. In addition to the fees payable under Article XII, XVI, and XVII, a fixed fee of 2[Rs.5-00] shall be charged in respect of every application made to a registering officer for an inspection, a Search or a copy or extract of any document or record in the registration office.

XXXIII. (a) A Department either of the State Government or the Central Government liable to pay registration charges is exempt from the payment of all fees under this table>

(b) In cases where the fees are payable partly by a Department whether of the State Government or the Central Government and partly by some other party, the exemption under clause (a) shall extend to that part only which is payable by the concerned Government Department.

XXXIV. (All exemptions are withdrawn with effect from 01/04/2003 except certain documents. Please consult the concerned Sub-Registrar

XXXV. (All exemptions are withdrawn with effect from 01/04/2003 except certain documents. Please consult the concerned Sub-Registrar

XXXVI. (Omitted W.e.f 01/04/2003)

Extract Of Rules 52 Of The Karnataka Registration Rules 1965​

Rule 52 : Rate of fines for delays Etc.- (I) The fines for delays in presentation and appearance under Sections 25 and 34 shall be regulated as follows:-

a) When the delay does not exceed

One week after the expiration of the time allowed for presentation or appearance.

A fine equal to the Registration fee.

b) When the delay exceeds one week but does not exceed one calendar month.

A fine equal to twice the registration fee.

c) When the delay exceeds one month but does not exceed two months

A fine equal to five times the registration fee.

d) When the delay exceeds two months but does not exceed four months.

A fine equal to ten times the registration fee.

ii) The fine shall be levied in addition to the proper registration fee.

iii) The term "Registration Fee" as used in this Rule means the fee actually leviable under any of the Articles to IV of the Table>

Please Note : (1) Fine payable u/s 25 and 34 of the registration Act should not be lived in case of the documents exempted from payment of registration fee falling under article XXXIV of Table>

(Govt. letter No. RD 285 EST 79 dt. 21-5-1981)

2) The question of levy of fine does not arise in respect of copies received for filing. (Govt. letter No. RD 6 EST 78 dt. 27-1-1979).

Fees Payable Under The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960




Fees or Fines 


For Registration of Memorandum of association and rules and regulations of Society under Sub-section(1) of section 8.



(a) if society is situated within Bangalore Metropolitan Regional Development Authority limits



(b) if society is situated in any other area.



For each appeal before Karnataka Appellate Tribunal under sub-section (3) of section 8, Sub-section (3) of section 9 and sub-section (3) of section 10.



For filing of change in Memorandum of Association under sub-section (2) of section 9 .



For filing of change of name rules and Regulations under sub-section (2) of section 10.



Filing of the list and balance sheet and Income and Expenditure account under section 13.



For every one lakh rupees of amount of income and expenditure or part thereof.



Fines under proviso to section 13



(a) Where the delay in filing the list and Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure Account does not exceed one year.



(b)Where the delay exceeds one year, for each year of delay or part thereof.



Enquiry fee under section 25 [Rule(8)]



Fine under section 28



For each Inspection of document under Section 24.



For issue of certified copy under section 24 for every hundred words of copy or extract.


Table Of Fees Under The Indian Partnership Act, 1932

1) Statement under section 58​


2) Statement under section 60


3) Statement under section 61 to 64


4) Search fee under section 66(1)


5) Search fee under section 66(2)