​Scheme Book



It is observed by the Commission at the District Review Meetings that the Beneficiary Oriented Schemes which have been formulated by the Government have not been utilized to the expected level by the minorities, because the minorities are not aware of these schemes.  Hence the Minorities Commission has collected the Beneficiary Oriented Schemes from all the Departments and has brought out a book on “Department wise Beneficiary Oriented Schemes”.

This book has been published in Kannada, English and Urudu languages. This has enabled the Minorities in Karnataka to become fully aware of the legitimate benefits which they can secure from the government.

The Minorities are requested to make use of this book which has been supplied through District Officer, Backward Classes and Minorities in all the districts.


 Scheme Book Pages 1-75:

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Scheme Book Pages 76-150:

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Scheme Book Pages 151-211:

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