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​​​​It is with pleasure we are presenting the 9th issue of 'KSCLEPS' e-journal 'Baalavani' 9th issue. Highlights of this issue includes a lead write up on: Possibilities of participation of 'Makkala Vishesha Gram Sabhas' in eradicaion of child labour. A brief note on the two-day workshop on 'Bonded and Child Labour System', jointly organised by the National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi, in association with the Department of Labour and Department of Rural Development and Panchayath Raj, held in Bangalore. Effort has been made to focus on the problem of child labour in agricultural sector under the 5qs-Varied views column. Two persons have shared their views and opinions in this respect. A list has been published about the state-wide training programs being held by KSCLEPS for Section 17 officers, about their roles and responsibilities in enforcement activities.

3/8/2012 10:12:58 PM
While the women and child welfare Department, Human rights comission and social welfare departments are busy organising seminars on erradication of child labour and child marriages, these two issues continues to exist and on many occassions one can see people at the helm of affairs are practicing/closing their eyes to incidences. It should be made mandatory to all departments that who ever comes accross should immidiately report and police should initiate action. However education is the best way and such workshops would go long way in sesatising the issue.

12/18/2012 9:42:27 AM
Articles like this really garsee the shafts of knowledge.




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