​​​​Literatures and Resource Materials

KSRCCL 's Unique Library Collection Division 

To reach every section of society of people who are concerned about child labour, KSRCCL is making an attempt by establishing a 'Knowledge Centre', a unique collection of information on child labour issues. KSRCCL is conscious of its core objective, which is to initiate and promote literature and resource materials that will benefit the child labour elimination. 

KSRCCL effort is to warehouse the Literature and Resource materials related to child welfare under one roof. The pool of literature and material includes Books & periodicals, Training Manuals and Resource Materials, CDs & digital materials, Brochures & posters, Handbills & stickers, Audio & video materials and more is being procured by KSRCCL. 

KSRCCL would enact as a platform for exhibiting and promoting literary contributions from organizations, and individuals. This is to ensure that these resources are readily available to a wider audience, who are concerned with child labour . 

KSRCCL requests all organizations and individuals working for children’s welfare to support this endeavour by providing it with their publications and any other relevant materials on child welfare. KSRCCL can also pay a nominal fee for the materials if the organizations are unable to provide free of cost. 

Besides archiving at the Centre, these resources will be published in the website of KSRCCL. 

The materials available with KSRCCL can be viewed online.