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​Without prejudice to the foregoing objectives, the federation may

  • Purchase commodities from the members or from other sources without affecting the interest of its members and pool, process, store, manufacture, distribute and sell the same.

  • Study problems of mutual interest related to production, storage, transportation and marketing of eggs, meat and their products.

  • Purchase and /or erect buildings, machinery and other equipment to carryout business.

  • Enforce quality control of the commodities.

  • Provide Veterinary Services and to undertake Poultry Husbandry activities so as to improve the Poultry health care and disease control, and assist the member societies in doing the same.

  • Advice, guide, and assist the member societies in all aspects of management, supervision and, audit functions.

  • Purchase or assist the member societies in purchasing day old chicks, growing and adult birds, poultry feed, medicines, packaging materials, diagnostics, vaccines, etc.,

  • Arrange Technical seminars and symposia for the benefit of member societies.

  • Arrange Technical Seminars and Symposia for the benefit of member societies.

  • Own or hold on lease or hire, moveable or immovable properties to carry on the business of the Federation and to dispose of the same if not required for business of the Federation.

  • Market its products under its own trade mark/brand name or with its member society’s trade mark/brand name.

  • Promote the organisation of Primary Co-operative Societies at different levels be it district, taluk or village levels.

  • Plan developmental strategies and programmes to increase the quantum of production of the Federation and its member societies and for effective marketing of the same.

  • Tender technical, administrative, financial and other necessary assistance to the member societies and enter into collaboration agreement with others if need arises.

  • Advise the member societies on pricing decisions, public relations and allied matters.

  • Create trusts and funds for the welfare of its employees.

  • Undertake periodical supervision of the member societies.

  •  Shall recommend liquidation of any member society vide conditions laid down in section 72 of the Karnataka Co-operative Societies’ Act.
  • ​Undertake or assist programmes of research and development.
  • Propagate the concept and benefits of Co-operative movement.
  • Work as Administrator of its member society at the request of the Registrar and to take over the Management of any Society in the event of certain circumstances under section 30, 30(a), and 30(b) of the Karnataka Co-operative Societies Act. 1959.
  • And generally take whatever  necessary or proper or conducive or incidental to the attainment of any of the federation

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