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  • ​Organization of Primary poultry Co-Operative Societies throughout the State in order to generate employment among the educated rural unemployed youth.
  • Imparting modernized poultry training techniques under extension activities and also encouraging consumption of egg and poultry meat
  • Poultry disease surveillance and control of diseases along with Departmental Field staff.
  • Rearing and marketing of Giriraja chicks to various departmental & Government Scheme.
  • Creating awareness among public regarding Avian Influenza and other emerging diseases through meeting, seminars, workshops etc., Extending Co-Operation to Departmental field staff.
  • Providing financial assistance to interested farmers through commercial Banks under Centrally Sponsored schemes for poultry, RKY with 25% subsidy to general category and 33.33% subsidy to SC/ST.
  • The Federation being a Co-Operative Institution consists of 15 Boards of Directors. 7 Members and elected members. Sri.Dayanand Adiyar, was President upto Dt:30.9.2012, After dt:01.10.2012 Sri.D.S.Rudramuni, was elected as President for Karnataka Co-operative Poultry Federation. Dr.Syed Ahmed was working as Managing Director up to 24.5.2012 with effect from the forenoon of 24.5.2012 Dr.K.M.Mohamed Zafarulla Khan had taken charge as Managing Director, Karnataka Co-operative Poultry Federation under the KCPF 4 Regional Center are working at Dharwad / Belguam / Gulburga /Mysore, each center is headed by Assistant Director.


Staff Position:

1)     Total Posts Sanctioned  :           51

2)     Filled Posts                     :           39

3)     Vacancy                          :           12


Presently 84 Primary poultry co-operative Societies are affiliated to the Federation.

The Federation receives Grant-in-Aid from the State Government under Plan Head of Account (short term training regarding poultry rearing techniques to the farmers and rearing and sale of Giriraja Birds) and under Non Plan Head of Account for salary and other components of the staff of federation. A  For the year 2013-14  Rs.25.00 Lakhs has been sanctioned under Plan Head and 145.56 Lakhs under Non-Plan Head.

Physical & Financial Achievements under Plan Schemes.






Sanctioned amount

Amount released


Sanctioned amount

Amount released









Physical Progress:

Activity 2012-13







Short term training to farmers





Rearing and Sale of Giriraja Birds.





Assistance for Establishment of Poultry Farms for  unemployed Youths

This is a state government scheme.  This is Financial Institutions linked programme. The state Government has released Rs 200.00 Lakh as subsidy amount for poultry developmental activities. In each taluk 50 broiler farms of 500 capacity birds will be established. Priority will be given to taluks listed in Nanjundappa Committee report. The selected beneficiaries will be trained in poultry rearing techniques and then subsidy component will be released. 

In  this Scheme  the beneficiaries will be given subsidy (25% of the unit cost for general and 33% of the unit cost for SC/ST)  to open a broiler farm of 500 birds capacity. During 2009-10 subsidy of Rs. 5.05 lakhs for 25 beneficiaries.  During 2010-11 subsidy of Rs.65.68 lakhs for 343 beneficiaries was used similarly During 2011-12 subsidy of Rs.13.09 lakhs for 70 beneficiaries was used. During 2012-13 subsidy of Rs.16.17 Lakhs for 86 beneficiaries was used.  Totally 99.98 Lakhs subsidy  utilize for 524 beneficiaries. The scheme was implemented in 16 district (Bagalkote, Koppal, Gadag, Dharwad ,Haveri, Bellary Davanegere Udupi, Kolar, Bangalorerural/urban, Mandya, Hassan, Mysore, Ramnagara, Ckikkaballapura)  the remaining amount of subsidy of Rs.100.02 lakhs will be utilized.

During 2010-11 the state Government has released Rs 100.00 Lakh as subsidy amount to implement  for this scheme.  During 2010-11 subsidy of Rs 37.73 lakhs for 190  beneficiaries  similarly During 2011-12 subsidy of Rs 12.99  lakhs for 65 beneficiaries was used. during 2012-13 subsidy of Rs.24.39 for 125 Beneficiaries , and the scheme was implemented in 7 districts (Bidar  Gulburga, Yadgiri, Bijapura, Belgaum, Raichur, Uttarkannada) the remaining amount of subsidy of Rs 24.88 lakhs will be utilized.

During 2012-13 the State Government has released Rs.10.00 Lakhs as Subsidy amount for this Scheme.  This Scheme was implemented in 2 District. During this Year subsidy of Rs.2.03 Lakhs for 11 Beneficiaries was utilized. The remaining amount of Rs.7.13 Lakhs will be utilized in Shimoga and Dakshina Kannada district.

Totally out of the subsidy of Rs 310 lakhs amount of Rs 177.14 lakhs for 915 beneficiaries was used in the scheme and remaining amount of subsidy of Rs132.86 lakhs will benefit 725 beneficiaries in the future. Remaining programme will be implemented during the year 2013-14.

Assistance for Establishment Poultry Farms for unemployed youths.​


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