Board of Directors

There shall be a Board of Directors for the Federation.

The Board of Directors shall consist of.

  • Two representatives from each of the four Revenue Divisions of the State elected 
    Among the Chairmen of the Primary Poultry Co-operative Societies registered in
  • The respective Revenue Division.
  • Registrar of Co-operative Societies.
  • Regional Directors, NCDC Bangalore.
  • One nominee of the State Government (Secretary, Additional Secretary, Joint
  • Secretary of Animal Husbandry Department).
  • Director of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Government of Karnataka.
  • Managing Director of the Federation.

Every year the first Board Meeting shall elect the Chairman of the Board of Director from  among at the Division Representative of the Chairman of the Affiliated co-operative societies in Karnataka. The Chairman shall continue to hold office for one year or till a new chairman is elected as per the byelaw.                   

All members of the Board and the Chairman of the federation except the Managing Director shall be honorary poets. There shall be no Vice –Chairman in the Federation.

Not withstanding anything contained in these byelaws, the Government of Karnataka may initially nominate from among. Its official orders and National & State Federation and Corporations, all the member of the Board of Directors including the Chairman for a period not exceeding Five years from the date of First General Body Meeting of the Federation.

When a person becomes a member of the Board of Directors by reason of the Office or the post he holds, his membership of the Board shall terminate when he ceases to hold that office or post and his successor shall automatically replace him on the Board.

If at a later date it was discovered that there was defect in the appointment of the Board or a member of the Board, notwithstanding this, all acts done by the Board or any person acting in his capacity as a member of the Board shall be valid as if the Board or any such member had been duly appointed.

The Board of Directors may meet as often as it considers necessary, but it shall meet at least once in three months.  Such meetings shall be convened by giving 10 clear days of notice.

No member shall be allowed to participate or vote on the proceedings of any matter in which he/she has personal or any other interest.

Sitting Fees:

The Sitting fees for all the members of the Board of Directors including the Chairman shall be Rs.75/- per member per meeting.  However the Managing Director is not eligible for the sitting fees.

Travelling Allowances:

The Government servant members of the Board of Directors are eligible for the travelling and other allowances admissible to their scale of pay as notified by the Government of Karnataka from time to time.

The Chairman and members of the Board of the Federation shall be eligible for the following travelling and other allowances when on tour for Federation work within or outside the State.

By Air

By Train

By Bus

By own Car/Jeep

Daily Allowance

Actual Air fare incurred

Actual AC 1st Class AC-2 Tier or 1st Class fare incurred

Actual Bus fare incurred

Rs.2/- per KM

Rs.120/- per day within the State.

Rs.225/- per day outside the State.

Powers, Responsibilities and Function of the Board

Powers to decide the policies of the Federation shall be vested in the Board.  The Board shall have and exercise all such powers and enter into all such agreements take all such decisions and do all such acts as may be necessary or proper for the Management of the Federation and for carrying out the objectives for which the Federation is established.  The Board shall take necessary steps for securing and furthering its interest subject to the provisions of the Act or such act all shall hereafter take its place and to any rules which may be passed by the State Government in pursuance of the said Act and subject also to these byelaws or any byelaws which may be made by the Federation without prejudice to the General powers conferred by these byelaws upon the Board.

The following powers and authorities are given to and conferred upon the Board.

  • To approve the proceedings of the previous meetings.
  • To purchase or take on lease or otherwise acquire land and /or buildings and /or construct buildings, for the business activities of the Federation and its members.
  • To barrow funds required from time to time to carry on the business of the federation in accordance with the provisions of these byelaws.
  • To apply to Government for exemption from holding the licence required for undertaking in processing of eggs and meat.
  • To apply for the licences required under the rules of the State.
  • To apply for outright purchase or otherwise by way of licences or otherwise, any patent rights of inventions, trade rights, copy rights and secret process of technical aid or know how which may be useful to achieve the objectives of the Federation and to Grant licences to use the same.
  • To approve the administrative set up of the Federation, and implement the same after the approval  by the Registrar.
  • To cause funds and trusts for the welfare of the employees of the Federation.
  • To institute conduct, defend compound or abandon any legal proceedings by or against the Federation or its officers otherwise concerning the affairs of the Federation and also to allow time for payment or satisfaction of any debts due and settle any claims and / or demand by or against the Federation by arbitration or otherwise.
  • To admit members and allot shares and/or debentures.
  • To call upon the members to subscribe to share capital and/or debentures prescribed is choose bylaws in proportion to their dealings in terms of unit, with the Federation.
  • To receive Audit note and approve its rectification report for placing before the next general body meeting.
  • To _______________the Accounts, Annual Reports and ___________________ distribution of profits earned by the Federation to the General Body for approval.
  • To fix the rate of service charges for procuring manufacturing, processing and marketing of raw materials, and allied produce through the Federation.
  • To decide the pricing policy for eggs, meat and allied products supplied by the members and to decide the pricing structure and the rate of commission to be paid to the primary society on procurement of eggs, birds and meat.
  • To decide taking over the management of the member society as and when requested or required by the Registrar.
  • To insure against the risk of all kinds, for moveable and immovable properties of the Federation.
  • To fix charges for use of its trade mark/brand name.
  • To fix the fees for the services rendered by the Federation.
  • To approve the purchase and erection of plat, machinery and other assets for the business of the Federation.
  • To approve sale of any land and other moveable proportion not required for the business of the federation.
  • To ensure compliances of terms and conditions of agreement with the financing institution for loan and grant as mutually agreed upon.
  • To constitute not exceeding two sub-committees of the Board with specific reference if and when found necessary.
  • To prepare agenda for the general body meeting and fix the time, place and date of the meeting.
  • The Board shall be competent to frame subsidiary rules consistent with the provisions of the Act, rules and byelaws for the proper conduct of the business of the Federation.  These rules shall be implemented after the approval by the Registrar. If and when found necessary.
  • The Board shall have the power to issue a common seal for the business of the Federation and it shall not be used except by the authority and it shall not be used except by the authority of the Board or the Managing Director.  Every deed or document to which the common seal is affixed shall be countersigned by the Managing Director and/or by any other Director, Authorised by the Board.

Managing Director:

  • The Federation shall have a Managing Director of the Status not less than that of the Joint Director of Animal Husbandry and shall be drawn on deputation from the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services in Karnataka.  The General Powers’s duties and responsibilities of the Managing Director shall be as under.
  • He shall have the General control over the Administration, Management, Finance and Business of the Federation.
  • He shall Purchase or take on Lease or acquire any Land Building or properties as decided by the Board.
  • He shall be the Officer to sue and be sued on behalf of the Federation and all bonds and agreements made in favour of the Federation shall be in his name.
  • He shall have powers for and on behalf of the Federation to endorse, sign, negotiate cheques and other negotiable instruments on behalf of the Federation.  He shall also sign all deposit receipts and operate as the accounts of the Federation with any Bank subject to the limit fixed by the Board.
  • He shall carryout correspondence and negotiation with Government and other Organisations.
  • He shall appoint members of the Staff selected by the standing committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • He shall arrange to impart training to the staff members of the Federation and the Member Societies.
  • He shall have the powers to recommend disciplinary action on employees of the Federation appoint by it and in such instances the appellate authority against his orders shall be the Board of Directors.
  • He shall have the powers to recommend disciplinary action on employees on deputation including their withdrawal with the approval of the Board of Directors.
  • He shall appoint consultants/experts and fix their remuneration within the limits fixed by the Board.
  • He shall arrange to insure all properties of the Federation against risk of all kinds.
  • He shall enter into agreements on contracts for Purchase, Sales, Lease of Land, Buildings required for the working of the Federation and execute documents on behalf of the Federation and to represent it in all legal action initiated by or on behalf of the Federation.
  • He shall arrange supervision of the member societies.
  • He shall make necessary arrangements for transport and storage of the produce of the member societies.
  • He shall allow credits to members within limits fixed by the Board from time to time.
  • He shall undertake import and export business for and on behalf of the Federation.
  • He shall undertake market research and development.
  • He shall advise and assist member societies in all aspects of Management.
  • He shall recommend Financial, Technical, Administrative and other necessary assistance to the Member Societies.
  • He shall advise member Societies on Public relations and allied matters.
  • He shall arrange to maintain proper accounts of the Federation.
  • He shall arrange to prepare Annual Report and Balance Sheet of the proceeding Financial year and Bud​get of the Federation for the ensuing year for placing before the Board.
  • He shall convene the meeting of the Board of Directors as required under these byelaws and general as well as special General Body Meeting as and when directed by the Board or found necessary or on receipt of requisition from the required number of members or upon requisition from the Registrar.
  • He shall have the authority to delegate any of his powers conferred on him by these byelaws to any Senior Officer of the Federation.​