​​​​​​​​​​ Ganga Kalyana  Drilling of  Induvidual​ IrrigationBorewells​


Induvidual Irrigation Bore/Open Wells Scheme


       Under this schme is to provide Individual Irrigation bore/ Open  wells along with pumpsets and Elctrification  to small and marginal ST farmers having Minimum 1.5 acres  or Maximum 5.0 acres land.  For Districts of Coastel and Malanad mimum extent of  Land is 1.00 acre for Udupi,Dakshina Kannada, Kodagu, Shivamoga, Chickmaglur, Hassan and Uttara Kannda Districts.  The unit cost of the scheme is Rs.2.00 lakhs, Rs.1.50 lakh will be subsidy and remaining Rs.50,000/- will be term loan for all the districts except Kolar, Chikballapur, Bangalore Rural, Bangalore Urban, Ramanagar and Tumkur Districts.   Unit Cost Rs 3.50 Lakh  for the Districts Kolar, Chikballapur, Bangalore Rural, Bangalore Urban, Ramanagar and Tumkur, Subsidy will be Rs 3.00 Lakh and Rs Rs 50000/- will be Term Loan.​ The Rate of Interest will be 6% per anum Benificaries has repay the loan amount and Interest  to the corporation in 12 equal haly yearly Instalments.​

Procedures to be followed in  Ganga Kalyana Scheme


1. Method of selection beneficires has already been given in Government Order No.ಸಕಇ  ಬಿ.ಸಿ.ಎ.2012 ದಿನಾಂಕ:12.04.2012 has to be followed.

2. Corporation officers inspection report about Land has to be prepared in form-1 for selected needy beneficiaries.

 3. Eligible needy beneficariaries list to has to be provided   to assigned drilling contractors,   qnd instruct to carry out Geo-Physical Survey in the land of benficaries and submit a report.

4.In cases of successful Water point(jalabindhu) , Bore Well  Sanctioned order has to be issued to the benficaries. Instruct the beneficiaries to submit followng documents in Form-1for sanction of Loan. 

 1. Concent Letter in Rs.20 / - Stamp Paper Form-1A. 

 2. A Pronote in  (Rs.20 / - Stamp Paper) 

3. Consideration Receipt  in  (Rs.20 / - Stamp Paper) 

4. Loan Agreement  in (Rs 50 / - Stamp Paper) 

5. Consent letter given by beneficiay to the Corporation for Recording Hyphthication has to be submitted in form1(e) and acknowledgement to be obtained and RTC coopy has to be obtained for being hyphthicated to Corporation  and it should be filed in beneficiary record. 

6. After being hyphothicated to Corporation and on the basis of Geo-Physical Survey report Work order to be issued for drilling of Bore wells. Through this delay in Supply of Pumpsets others can be avoided.

7. At the time of drilling bore wells Taluk Development Officer /Staff , beneficairy  should be present , drillimg detais has to be recorded accurately in Form-3. The thickness of casing pipe  and Specification to be recorded. If the casing pipe is not as per specification  it should be recorded in reports. At the time of drilling ,if the Avilabilty of water exceeds 1000 GPH photo o to be taken and enclose the photo in form 3(a) to Head Office. 

8. For the electrical connection to be made , Register Online in ESCOM , Signature of the beneficiary in form 3 (a)  to be obtained  and submit to ESCOM Office.

9. In this way drilled borwell report in form -3 and  Drilling Contractor certified copies , with other details has to be submitted to Head Office through Courier or Speed Post.

10. After Consoildatig the bills and abstract  form -3E to be submitted to Head Office.

11. After Obtaining drilled information (depth, Water vailability)  fill the Registration form and submit  to ESCOM office for Registartion with the following details. 

  1. Online registration form

  2. Certification of drilled borewell in Ganga Kalyana

  3. RTC (Pahani)

  4. The Registration fee and Initial security deposit (I.S.D), Meter Security deposit (MSD) and the meter box fee (Presrcibe from Concerned ESCOM) based on supply of Pumset HP , Demand Draft(DD) has to be obtained  and make payment  to ESCOM, This procedure has to be completed with one week after drilling completion of the borewell. During the Registration time entire value has to met from unit cost.

    12. At this stage it is needed to calculate the pumpset and accesories  cost required  and additional amount required above subsidy to be estimated. If the total Cost exceeds available Subsidy and Rs 50000/- Loan amount , exceeded amount has to be met from beneficiary. 

    1. If this Cost is met from Subsidy amount, Hypothication to the Corporation has to be Cancelled, Pumpsets and Acessories has to be supplied.

    2. Remaining Subsidy and Term Loan of exceeds Rs 50,000/- , then additional Loan get it snctined and Supply the Pumpsets.

    3. Term Loan exceeds Rs 50000/- additional amount has to be deposited to corporation issue receipt for being deposited,the spply pumpset. 

13. Obtain Certificate from 3rd Party Inspection agency,  regarding type of casing pipes used in drilling of bore wells.

14. During drilling time any failture of bore well , it should be recorded in form-3  and document has to be kept district office . This type of borwells has to be filled Sand and Stones  and intimate the Concerned Tahsildar to Cancel hypothecation made.

15. On the basis of work order issued to the Contractor from Head Office  , Pumpset and accessories are  to be inspected from 3rd party agency. Being inspected obtain certificate . After recording all details In form 5 (a)  and Photo of Pumpset and accessories supplied has to obtained and submitted to Head Office.

16. Ater Consildation bills in  form -5(a) has to be submitted to Head Office being supply of Pumpsets and accessories.

17. After fixing the  Pumpset to the  bore well,  send form-5(e) to Head Office for making payment,  Photo to b enclosed in form 5(ee).

18. Completion report for being installed to be borewell and wiring daiagram has to submitted to ESCOM through Electric Contactor.

 19. With in one month after Electrification field inspection has to be carriedout in form-6 and Completion report in form-7 has to be submitted. 

20. Monthly  the following  formats  are to  be sent to Head Office. 

    A. Progress of Electrification (Progress Report Form-8, 8 B, and 8 (e).

    B  Progress achieved in Drilling of Bore well  Progress Report Form-09