​​​​​Self Employment Plan​


 Self Employment Scheme (Unit Cost U​pto Rs 1.00 Lakh)

​The basic aim of the programme is to enable unemployed, underemployed Schedule Tribes(ST)  persons to take up income generating activities and thereby improving their economic status in the society. The Corporation provides financial assistance through banks and financial institutions for setting up of self employment activities .  For Unit cost upto Rs.100,000/-, the Corporation sanctions  50% of the Unit Cost or a maximum subsidy of Rs.35,000/- and the remaining amount will be the loan . For diary activity   the Corporation sanctions 50% of the Unit Cost or a maximum subsidy of Rs.50,000/-

Rules and Regulations to be followed for implementation of Scheme​​

  1. ​In accordance with the Targets representations has to be considered.
  2. Physical targets has to be intimated in advance  to Lead Bank and  in turn lead bank has to fix the targets to service branches under their jurisdiction.
  3. The applications selected from Nationalized banks, Scheduled Banks and Gramina Banks has to to be recommended.
  4. Verify and Scrutinse Loan Sanctioned from the Banks and request letter to releases the subsidy from the Branch Managers has to be  considered for making payment.
  5. The Bank proposals has to be arranged datewise and  priority of the proposal  has to made on First come First and release the subsidy.
  6. Induvidual Sanctioned Order has to be issued to  each  beneficiary and help the beneficiary in opening  a savings  Bank account in the Bank.
  7. Action has to be intiated  to create Assets with in 30 days from date of release of subsidy to the Banks.
  8. Take a Photo of assets created by the corporation and Bank  to the Benificary,   file a copy pf photo in personal records of beneficiary in the District Office and send a copy to Head Office. 9. Officer order for releasing the subsidy to the Banks and Utlisation Certificates Signed  from Branch Managers  has to be Submited to Head Office.
  9. Every month facilties Provided by the corporation and Subsidy and Loan details  along with Benficary Name and Purpose utilsation has to be submitted to Head Office.

 ​ Refer Corporation Act and Rules for further Scheme ​details.