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​​Tenders Notifications​

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15/04/2017 16:26443 KB Corrigendum - Tender for Work at selected slums of Sarvagnanagara and pulikeshinagar
Corrigendum for tender for Work invited vide Notification No:KSDB/Commr/TD1/HFA/Tender/8/2016-17 dated: 25.03.2017
28/03/2017 18:404331 KB Invitation for Tender (IFT) - (E-Procurement Portal Only) (Short Term Tender Notification)
Name of Work: Construction of 662 GF units & infrastructure @ 9 slums and 100 DUs & Infrastructure @ 1 slum of Sarvagnanagara and Pulikeshinagara
Notif. No: KSDB/Commr/TD-1/HFA/Tender/8/2016-17 date:25/3/2017. Last Date&Time: 27/4/2017 before 16.00 hours
19/01/2017 17:492056 KB Invitation for Tender (IFT) - (E-Procurement Portal Only) (Short Term Tender Notification)

IFT for Multiple Works
Notification No: KSDB/Commr/DCE/Tender-4/2016-17/ date: 31-12-2016.   Last Date & Time: 16/01/2017 before 16.00 hours
30/11/2016 15:382170 KB Request for Proposal - (E-Procurement Portal Only) (Short Term Tender Notification)
RFP:KSDB invites request for proposal from interested consultancy NGOs/Trusts to provide IEC activity in 30 districts of Karnataka under e-tendering system. Notification No:KSDB/Statistics/SI/IEC/20/2016-17 date:26/11/2016. LastDate&time:15/12/2016 5:00pm
06/10/2016 17:373721 KB Invitation for Tender (IFT) - (E-Procurement Portal Only) (Short Term Tender Notification)
IFT for Multiple Works
Notification No: KSDB/Commr/DCE/Tender-8/2016-17/92 date: 06-10-2016.   Last Date & Time: 24/10/2016 before 16.00 hours
29/09/2016 17:47533 KB Invitation for Tender (IFT) - Two Cover System (E-Procurement Portal Only) (Short Term Tender Notification-2nd Call)
IFT-NameofWork:Construction of 1588DUs(GF) Dwelling units including infrastructure at 9selected slums(in-situ) in SagaraTown underPMAY-HFA (Urban)(2ndCall)
Notification No:KSDB/TD-2/AE-1/47/2016-17/216 Date:26/9/2016 Lastdate&Time: 2/11/2016 before 4.00PM
29/08/2016 12:091280 KB Invitation for Tender (IFT) - (E-Procurement Portal Only) (Short Term Tender Notification)
IFT - Name of Work: Special Repairs of 12 VAMBAY houses at M.R.S Palya (K.G.Byadarahalli) slum in Shivajinagar Constituency, Bangalore City.
Notification No: KSDB/Commr/DCE/Tender-6/2016-17/65 Date: 25/08/2016 Last date&Time:15/09/2016 before 16.00 hours.
16/07/2016 17:561516 KB Invitation for Tender (IFT) - Two Cover System (E-Procurement Portal Only) (Tender Notification)
IFT-NameOfWork:Construction of Houses in various slums of Kanakapura,Ramanagara,Sira, Chinthamani,KGF,Sagara,Yadgiri&Koppal cities/towns underPMAY-HFA(Urban). 
NotificationNo:KSDB/TD-2/AE-2/47/2016-17/120 Date:15/7/2016 Last date&Time:19/9/2016 3.00pm
26/05/2016 13:191186 KB KSDB_Vehicle_Auction_Notification
Public Auction of old vehicles of Karnataka Slum Development Board
Auction Date: 04.06.2016 Time: 12.00pm
15/04/2016 11:352345 KB Invitation for Tender (IFT) (E-Procurement Portal Only)(Short term Tender Notification)
IFT-Name of Work: Providing basic infrastructure works in various slums in Tumkur District
Notification No:KSDB/EE-3/Tender-1/2016-17/03 dated:12/04/2016
Last date & Time: 25/05/2016 before 4.00pm
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