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The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board is regulating the discharge of effluents and air emissions from industries through issue of consents under the Water and Air Pollution Control Acts. While issuing consents, conditions are being imposed regarding the effluent standards and also emission standards to which the industries have to comply with. Time limits will also be stipulated to install pollution control systems.

Conditions are stipulated in the consent order regarding proper maintenance of pollution control systems, periodical analysis of effluent samples and submission of  analysis reports.  These aspects will be closely monitored by the staff of the divisional and regional offices who also collect and analyze the samples for verification regarding compliance to consent conditions

The industries are being rigorously pursued  to ensure that the pollution control systems are installed and commissioned within the stipulated time. In respect of new projects, the consent for establishment is being issued only after examining the suitability of the site and scrutiny of the pollution control proposals.

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