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  •  Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has given Public notification in all leading news papers on 7.12.2003 and 31.12.2003 wherein Plastics entrepreneurs required to apply for registration and are informed to apply for the same.

  •  The Board has given Public notification on 11.11.2002 to ban the usage of Plastic bags, articles, etc., in Choultries.

  •  There are 532 Plastic industries have been identified in the state, out of this 299 units are engaged in the manufacture of Plastic carry bags and containers, remaining 210 units are engaged in the manufacture of HDPE, LDPE Pipes, Cables others.23 industries have closed for their own reason.

  • Further, 6 units have been issued with Closure order under Section 5 of Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 for non-compliance.

  •  As on now (18.08.2004) there are about 299 industries required to apply for registration. Out of this 138 industries have applied for registration.

    Plastic Registration Status (as on 29.07.2005)

    Sl No

    Total Plastic Industries identified No.Plastic industries engaged in the manufacture of plastic carry bags/Containers No. of Plastic industries closed No of Plastic industries engaged in the HDPE, LDPE cables etc No of applications received for registration  No. of Plastic Registration issued No. of Plastic industries are not applied for registration No. of Appl.returned to RO for not having vlid consent No. Application under process
    1 540 265 74 201 234 191 31 28 15

    Plastic Industry Status



The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has 6.04 Acres of land allotted by the KIADB at 3rd phase,  Peenya Industrial Area , Bangalore - 560 058. After utilising, 0.75 acres of land for construction activities , the remaining area of 5.25 Acres which has fully grown eucalyptus plantation will  be converted into Eco Park. The Construction of  Urban Eco park is conceptualised to develop a park to demonstrate the recycle and reuse of industrial wastes and to study the response of  various ornamental plants to water and air pollutants. This park will establish a close association between the Board, Industries and Environmental scientists.

The data evolved from the experiments will be utilised to educate the industries to build up favourable Eco system within the factory as well as in its immediate environment. Water harvesting methods, use of recycled water & sludge, and solar energy harvesting will be adopted to maintain the park. It is proposed to establish a common effluent treatment plant of capacity 1 Lakh Litres at the Eco park.  

The Objectives of ECO PARK are :

Apart from the prime objective of treatment system for a cluster of industries, it can also be used as a

  •           Technology Testing Centre,
  •           Technology Transfer Centre,
  •           Environmental Awareness Centre,
  •           Demonstration / Training Centre,
  •           Academic activity Centre,
  •           Environmental Clinic,
  •           Demonstration Farm Center,
  •           R & D Center.

The CETP would cater to the needs of treating the waste water for a cluster of small scale industries, which cannot afford to have individual ETPs.


Few industries would have  doubts on  the right type of treatment required  for them in case if they want to go in for upgradation or establishment of  a new ETP. In such cases the effluents from these industries can be  brought to the CETP  and can be treated to find out the most ideal  treatment required. The efficiency of every unit can be tested practically before installing the same.

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