NRC - Land use/Land cover Change Analysis

Introduction: National Land use/Land cover Change Analysis [Cycle-3] is a nationwide programme implemented through State partner institutes and monitored by NRSC/ISRO. KSRSAC produces the seamless Land use/Land cover database of Karnataka State on 1:50k scale. The updating of Land use Land cover Layer under this programme has been carried out using IRS Resourcesat-2, LISS-III data of 2008-09 and 2015-16 for change analysis.

Methodology: The methodology involved geo-rectification of satellite data, ground truth collection, data interpretation and mapping, geodatabase generation and quality evaluation procedures. The classification system of Land use / land cover consists of 51 classes.

Summary of Work: The status of Land use / land cover in the year 2015-16 has been mapped using the IRS Resourcesat-2 LISS-III imageries. The changes analysis is in progress.