Building Facility

The Head Office of KSRSAC is located in a space of about 16000 sq. ft. at Doora Samvedi Bhavana in GKVK Campus, near Horticulture College with a seating capacity for about 300 technical staff. Besides, a number of project personnel working under various projects are accommodated at shanthinagar, BMTC. The KSRSAC has three regional centers. The regional centre of KSRSAC at Gulbarga with a built up area of about 5600 sq. ft. built by the Hyderabad Karnataka Development Board was inaugurated in September 2009 by the honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka.Mysore Regional Office is operating in rented accommodation.

The regional centre at Bagalkot is located at ZP office which was inaugurated in April 2015 by Shri. S. R. Patil, the honourable Minister for IT, BT and S & T and Planning and Statistics Govt. of Karnataka.


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