Geo Informatics Cells

District Geo Informatics Cells are established in all Zilla Panchayat offices of the districts to cader to the needs of different departments at the districts level.

Data Available
Primary Layer of Information
Land Use/Land Cover,Geomorphology,Lithology,GeoLogical Structure,Soil,Drainage Line,Canal Network,Contour, Elevation Poin Micro Watershed Boundaries,Administrative Boundaries from village to state,Forest Administrative Boundaries,Forest Type Classification,Minerals, Transportation Network
Derived Information Layers
WaterBodies,Settlement Area,Slope,GroundWater Prospect,Land Resources Development Action Plan,Water Resources Action Plan,Land Capability,Land Irragibility and Soil Irrigability,Watershed Properties,Hydrosoil(Run-off Potential)
Non-Spatial Data
Demographic Data Occupation Data


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