Human Capital

Human resource component forms the crucial and decisive input in geoinformatics projects. KSRSAC has pooled a highly specialized manpower trained in harnessing the potentials of Satellite Remote Sensing, Digital Image Processing, GIS and Photogrammetry. In order to work under various projects taken-up in association with the Line Departments, KSRSAC has developed talented and competitive workforce with domain expertise.

More than 200 professionals drawn from multidisciplinary fields of specialization like Geoinformatics, Geology, Hydrogeology, Water, Resource, Agriculture, Environmental Management, Costal Zone Management, Fisheries, Forestry, Sericulture, Horticulture, Soil Science, Urban Planning & Management, Satellite Communication, Multimedia, Content Generation, Computer Science, etc. impart holistic touch to all the projects that are undertaken by the Centre Consultants with long experience and varied expertise in the industry provide wisdom and finishing touch to the projects KSRSAC also has experienced accounts & administrative staff for maintenance of accounts and to look after administration related issues of the Centre


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